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E-mu SP-12 Filtered Outputs
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Author E-mu SP-12 Filtered Outputs
I've just gotten familiar with an SP-12 Turbo that I purchased a little while back.

I've noticed that a lot of things sampled into the SP come out a lot thicker sounding(in the case of a few bass drums I've samples). I love it. Certainly imparts a unique character.
However, I'm a little confused about the filtered outputs. The SSM2044 is an incredible VCF, IMO. I tried running the kicks that I sampled through the filtered outputs and it didn't sound very good compared to running them through the unfiltered outs. Before purchasing the machine I was under the impression that the SSM2044 was mostly responsible for creating that punchy sound the SP is known for.
What are the best type of sounds to run through the filtered outs? Anyone here have any experience/tips for working with this machine? BTW, it would be refreshing to hear from an SP user for once that isn't making rap. Nothing against the genre it's just that I feel like I'm the only SP guy that doesn't use it for rap! LOL..
I never used mine for hip hop... the best crunchiest snare... delicious.

I used the outputs in various ways. For awhile I had all the individual outs going to a desk so I could EQ and compress them differently. In the end i just used the mono out and did all my panning/mixing in my DAW.

The "filtered" outs is kind of misleading. They are just EQ curves that supposedly suit the instrument that is sent to the output. not like you have a sweet analog multimode filter attached to each...

I suspect the way the filter is set up is as an anti aliasing LPF, since i think that thing samples at around 32khz?
Karl Jeffers
There´s actualy an envelope on the cutoff of the SSM2044. Witch should be optimised for kicks.
Have you tried distorting your kicks?
But I have to agree, not every kick is improved by the SP.
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