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Euroracks hard to fill 'perfectly' (?)
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Author Euroracks hard to fill 'perfectly' (?)
Muff Wiggler
so i made a comment a while ago in another thread, which I could not find.

A comment, made when I first started adding some eurorack stuff to my synth, that one of the downsides with the many panel widths in euro is difficulty 'completely' filling a rack.

well, at the time I had four empty racks - plenty of space to grow - so I just bought the modules I wanted whever I found a good deal on them, never paid attention to sizing or trying to maximize the space in my racks.

anyway, as total dumb, unplanned luck, my euro modules PERFECTLY fit into two racks. pure coincidence.

A pic from ModularPlanner, since the Dalek is still on route to me in the mail. Thanks ModularPlanner!!

in the pic it looks like there's a little space to either side of the Malgorithm. In my real-life racks it's all a PERFECT fit.

I guess it's time to pull out another empty rack and bolt it on there.

I just picked up a A-149-1, 12 HP, I had exactly 12HP left if you don't count the 1/2HP from mixing ASys and Doepfer in the same rack. Another random source, and the racks are perfectly filled, thanks to the 4HP Elfs and the occasional off 6HP module.

Getting those Harvestman modules to fit is a feat! lol
yea, that's nice luck! I bought in a similar way and am ending up with one case perfect and one case with ONE HP left. Still, not bad at all.
3 HP left would be a nightmare for a modular user with OCD. eek!
No, this is my fault Mr. Green shoddy graphics and also the Malgorithm being 9hp and screwing with my width calcs and not ending up a whole number.

I'll try and redo the graphics for these, maybe snatch some photos instead if I can find some.
through a combination of a small amount of planning and blind luck i managed to fill my 4x84 hp case with no gaps. SlayerBadger!
i found that i couldn't have all the modules exactly where i really wanted them though. i think with eurorack some compromise is almost inevitable due to the variety of module sizes compared to say frac or 5U.

That is impressive. I guess Scott was right about getting his modules to fit: if you don't want odd sized gaps, just get another Harvestman module.
Jari Jokinen
Doepfer blank panels are handy, but I don't see them around very much. Even the 1HP panel is available again.

I always plan my (re-)configurations with image editor. It is fun.
dkcg wrote:
3 HP left would be a nightmare for a modular user with OCD. eek!

You would just have to by a Sound of Thunder to fill it Mr. Green not that it would be much use on its own.
Ive got 3 hp left BECAUSE of a sound of thunder!
I have about 1/3 of an HP worth of a gap on each right side of both of my AFGs. It's currently causing me to implode with OCD angst help hihi
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