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PH-4 + PLL nonsesne
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Author PH-4 + PLL nonsesne
Audio Resistance
Pretty much what it says. I am trying to wrap my head around the PLL and I have this Cwejman PH-4 with different attenuations from the ATT-4 going to a Frequensteiner, Plague Bearer and Polivocs and one more controlling pans on the Cwejman MX-4s. 2 AFG's supplying a square to the PLL, and pulse for the other sound. This is a total bullshit patch but I am having fun.
Nice. It's great getting the PH-4 outputs all wired up and then modulating its inputs.
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
why god, why do you show me things such as this and torment me by asking me to drain my bank account?

why god? why?
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