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holy crap, the ES-1 passes audio
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Author holy crap, the ES-1 passes audio
Maybe I'm the last one to figure this out, but am I ever glad I did. I figured I'd share this since there's gotta be other people that haven't realized this yet.

The ES-1 passes audio beautifully and raises the level of the signal quite nicely too! Use samples or your vst's as oscs; FM a VCO with a drum break sample, etc. This is so schweet. Just stick an AC encoder as the last plug on the channel to make it work. I know this sort of thing is achievable with a mixer or amp but this makes things so much more convenient; no plugging and unplugging stuff from your sound card. Guinness ftw!
So am I the only dumbshit who didn't realize this? hihi
If you want a channel for sending audio you'd be better off moving the jumper to the DC coupled position and doing away with the AC Encoder. I can't imagine the rectifier/smoothing capacitor is doing your audio any favours.
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