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Grant is doing okay
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Author Grant is doing okay
I just talked to Grant on the phone. He's doing fine. Nothing more than suffering from "bench fatigue." Wiard is ten years old and now that his instrument is so sought after he doesn't have the body to keep up on all the incoming orders and doesn't want to develop a chronic condition. He doesn't want to contract out the labor, raise the overhead, and therefore the prices. Whether the 300 series will continue for the long run? I'm not even sure he knows the answer to that question. But I just wanted to post that he's doing okay and that he isn't suffering from anything terminal, just has to remove the 14 or so inches of snow that dumped on Milwaukee this morning. Happy Holidays.
That's good to hear, but I'm jealous - we only got 6" of snow in Seattle.
Muff Wiggler
thanks for posting - that is really really good news to hear hyper
whew, awesome! So much for ordering a noisering, lol. O well. smile
yes, glad to hear he's ok
Yeah, I'm glad there wasn't anything too serious behind it.
Grant is certainly among the nobility of modular synths.
We would all be at a huge loss if anything bad were to happen to him.

I hope he has some room in his assembly line for a few more 1200s in the future (hopefully sometime next year).

If not I may have to trepan myself into coughing up enough plasma for some 300s.
Forgive, I've been beer! Drinking Chugging Beers .
This evening was a 'bonenkai' (end of the year party).
Funny coincidence; my wife and I celebrated with a lil' 'bonenkai' ourselves!

Dinner at the Y
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