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New modular pics featuring Wiard!
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Author New modular pics featuring Wiard!
Muff Wiggler
Yay, finally got a bit of time to re-do one of my towers and get all my new Wiard stuff in there, and took a few pics. I think some of these are some of the nicest pics I've ever taken of my synth...

Anyway this is actually an up-to-date photo of my synth! It's not showing the two 'orphan' frac racks I have sitting standalone on the side with some modules in them, but anyway. Mostly just wanted to get some pics of my new Wiard modules, and ended up with these as a result. Enjoy.

Muff Wiggler
holy crap so im messing around with my synth, as you can imagine. finally have my new modules installed AND some time to play...

and i'm just overwhelmed. 2 noise rings!!! bah! this is nuts. and 2 jag's. i'm doing totally wierd things with these guys, it's really really different

the borg's make the raddest sounding vca! crazy cool for organic drum sort of sounds

anyway i was thinking... i'm at a point now where a lot of the things that made me DROOL aren't cutting it anymore. there's been a few, like -

moog voyageur rme + cp panels

anyway, none of those things are doing it for me at all now, conceptually.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but seriously, "Synthi? Bah" I don't think I would get one at this point, I can't imagine what it can offer that I don't already have very well covered.

the blacet/wiard combo gives such an awesome blend of east coast mixed with west coast influence, this system just feels like a total juggernaut to me at the momet, i'm seriously overwhelmed and haven't felt this way in a while. this is big, it's like my system just hit full maturity today or something

sounds soon
Wow! smile 'Tis a thing of beauty. Very impresive, Muff. I am with you in that my modular has quenched my lust for a lot of the same synths that you listed. Although, I must admit that I still lust for a zeroscillator. I just wish they were still $650, a grand is a bit out of my budget range. Maybe one day, though...
Oh, and the pics look great. Definitely the best shots to date. I like the symmetry, especially the rack with the JAGs in it. I see what you were saying about the blue modules looking very nice, and fitting in well the way you have them placed.
Muff Wiggler
8) thanks guys!
i'm seriously overwhelmed and haven't felt this way in a while.

The modular/synth god feeling!
It's cool.
It's a good mood like no other!

Looking nice 8)
Muff, I just realized that you have one of the Bananalogue Arp filters in your setup. What are your feelings about it? It is one of those modules that I am kind of on the fence about picking up. What are its pros and cons? Is it similar to any of the other filters? I have never played any Arp synths so I do not know what the "Arp sound" sounds like. Thanks in advance. smile
Muff Wiggler
I like the LPFA a lot... I'll say one thing though, if you only get one Bananalogue module, get a VCS. I would only buy an LPFA if I already had a VCS hehe, it's so awesome. It's the only module i've ever seen that you could build a full system, out of nothing but a bunch of VCS's. It's that flexible, honestly

anyway, the LPFA, I do like it a lot - I can't say how close to the original it sounds, however I do feel it has a familiarity to it, to the way it sounds - there's something about the sound that makes you think "yeah, i know that sound" - so I suspect it's pretty close, I have a lot of old albums with Arp synths on them....

What I really like about it -

the three seperate inputs, all with attenuators. this filter has all the frills, this is just awesome.

very accurate and precise v/Oct tracking.... possibly the best

fine tuning knob, useful when used as a sine wave source to get perfect tuning

what i don't like about it -

well, only one thing. this filter really wants to be driven hard, that's when it sounds best. i wasn't amazed or blown away with it when I first tried it out - once I started driving the input hard, that's when the filter's own character came out, and i was much happier 8)

anyway, to really drive it properly, i find it needs an amplifier in front of it.

always a good idea anyway in front of a filter, but this filter seems to benefit from it a bit more than most, so I guess that's the weak point. not really much to complain about

so anyway, that's that. a good filter for sure, and bananalogue has BEAUTIFUL front panels, they are really nicely made with the paint-filled engraving and Serge style knobs. love 'em.
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