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Sub-half inch knobs?
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Author Sub-half inch knobs?
I am looking for knobs that are even smaller than eurorack standard. Like the ones found on Plan B elfs and harvestman modules for instance. Does anyone know where to get them? Also, for anyone who owns the modules in question, what kind of shafts do they fit on? Thanks.
Roycie Roller
The Harvestman pots are the square based pcb mount type, with a smooth, non-metal(?) shaft. I think Blacet are the same. Don't know where to get em though.
Harvestman/Buchla knobs (tonnes nicer than REANS)-
yeah, you might want to look into those Sifam knobs, especially the domed ones, which by design have a smaller diameter on top, allowing for easier fingertip-control in a dense layout - that's key.
Thanks guys, I think is the one I want:

6mm push on, no d shaft. Chugging Beers
where did ya get 'em?
All I did was read the info on the Sifam site. I`m trying to get `em right now. hyper
Arghh, I can`t find them anywhere, and the minimum order from sifam is 1000. I only want about 50, but in 3 different colors angry
6.4 Billion
I get my Sifam knobs from I don't believe they have a minimum order. They're located in Southern California.
Selco is the US distributor for Sifam. They don't stock much and you'll have to send an RFQ (Request For Quote). They usually have a minimum if it's something they don't stock.
they are always doing group buys for sifam knobs over at the midibox forum
perhaps check there
hey andrew i have 50 of those sifam knobs
like this but with a red line and they are not d shaft

i bought em for us$0.60 a piece so happy to sell them back to you for that
I appreciate the offer, but I've got my heart set on the harvestman type love

I tried to send for a quote at Selco, but it wouldn't go through. Some shit about an invalid postal code. wtf.
This has always mystified me: A manufacturer has distributors who, in turn, have their own distributors. This daisy-chaining can reach several levels of frustrating madness (and handling fees added to the price).
The manufacturer will have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), as will the first level of distribution - if they will even talk to you. I find that sometimes you have to work your way down the chain to the "commercial" level. (Which is pretty funny, since the whole reason you began the hunt is that none of the commercial vendors stock the item and will have to order from the manufacturer.)

In this case: Selco is the North American distributor for Sifam. Apparently, Allied is the distributor for Selco - along with several "industrial" vendors that won't want to talk to small fry.
Here's the distribution page:
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