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Just swapped my Voyager OS for Oberheim 4 voice
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Author Just swapped my Voyager OS for Oberheim 4 voice
eek! man, the thing is near immaculate. i loved the fuck outta my voyager, definitely want to get another down the line if i can stop blowing my money on euro stuff, but a working 4 voice in my little city?

i feel like i traded a comfortable pair of shoes for some big-ass scary moonboots. i'm afraid to go near it. my little patch SEM was one thing, but this, this is different in every way. just the sound of it being tuned gave me a boner, but the void in my life left by the moog is already gnawing at my heartstrings.

am i crazy? should I rejoice? i originally thought 'ho ho what a sucker, i got such a great deal' but i bet that guy is squelching out some nice little bass tones on my baby right now, agh.
Oh man. Rejoice my friend. That is a terrific trade on your end imho. Enjoy!
Seems like a wise choice. You can get another voyager later on.
thats a great upgrade rejoice or ill come by and take it and rejoice myself

twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted
Unless you also gave away a pile of cash this was a dreamtransaction! You can always easily get another OS. Rejoice!
That's a great deal, however the only downside I can see is they can be high maintenance due to their age. I've serviced several of them and pretty much everything is still available to replace, except for a handful of custom oberheim chips on the programmer board.
I had to throw in an extra 400$ cash on top, but even being kinda broke, for this, i figured it a worthy trade. besides, i'd already started eyeballing that Voyager XL, but what need would i have for that with the OS still around?

there's a handful of real good synth/old gear junkies n repairmen around here, i believe, though custom Oberheim chips don't sound like they grow on trees... i might not keep this thing forever, if i end up having to greatly downsize my setup and find a road-friendly setup, i'll cross that road; i think this is one item i can safely break even on, worse case scenario.

i shouldn't be talking about getting rid of it already; it's a gift from God my friends were in the right place at the right time to know this guy needed cash and wanted a Moog on top of that. I feel like I could lay off the bleep bloop euro twiddling for awhile just to focus, to meditate, on this machine; just as i'm getting used to just playing monophonic-only style, i gotta start remembering how to utilize CHORDS in a keyboard setting, shiit. plus i gotta find out whether a gal loves me or just loved me for my moog... she aint seen this beast yet, we'll see. we'll see. you know how women are, you got a nice synth and suddenly you mr. sexxy, but where are those gals when vintage shit breaks? will they be by your side when you make a serious swap? all will be answered in time.
rejoice, definately thats a magnificent trade and as other have said the voyager is always going to be around... friend of mine had a 4 voice way back when, he said it was the strongest/best sounding synth he's ever had, and he's had them all. Great score, congrats.
Yeah at just 400 extra it's still a catch! I have a single SEM that just about kills me every other time I use it, can't imagine having four of those! I've always wanted a TwoVoice tho, werent there rumours of Tom making one with the new SEMs?
You were clearly the winner in that trade.
Definitely a good deal on your end!
congrats...Great deal!
I was thinking of picking one up again lately and it was more than you paid for this
you should have fucked his sister or something while you were at it, that is a fucking STEAL
well, if you regret your trade, i'll give you my Voyager OS and $500 for that 4-Voice.

amazing trade, well played.
ha ha. Celebrate my man. Voyagers OSs are tenapenny - you've got a monster sitting there I reckon
Congrats on the Four Voice!

Well, I'm located in MN too and own a whitewashed Voyager OS if you ever wanted to trade back to the OS twisted
From a GAS perspective, the 4V oberheim has more sex factor for me.
From a sonic perspective, the Oberheim is gonna sound a lot more special than the Moog OS, which could be replaced more easily than the oberheim.

Have no trader's remorse! The other guy avoid his calls. hihi

Congrats on a beautiful sounding piece of synth history!
joey wrote:
you should have fucked his sister or something while you were at it, that is a fucking STEAL

Yes , el heffe , rape the horses and ride off on their women ! lol
Congrats, you have something really special there.
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