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Patching noob
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Author Patching noob
ok, well I've had my system a couple of months and its grown into a second case and I've been getting to grips with things, or so I thought.....

Up until now I've been doing fast sequences on my A-155/A-154/A-156 so didnt notice the issue i'm having as it was short envelopes, but today I tried some slow sequences with long releases on the a-140.

What's happening is when the A-155 sequence is playing a single note sequence (position 1 toggled on for example), the rest of the A-155 pitches are being played in the release of the note, even though they arnt toggled on. There is probably an obvious reason for this but here's the patch below in its simplest form to reproduce it.

A-155 trig1 -> A-140 gate (A-155 step 1 toggled on, all other set to center 0 position.
A-155 Pre Out -> A-110 CV1
A-140 output -> A-131 Exp. VCA CV1
A-110 sine -> A-131 Exp VCA Audio In 1 -> out to mixer

Is there some module I should be using to cut off the other notes playing from the A-155 in the release stage of the A-140?

Send the trigger or gate out from the sequencer to a S&H trigger input. Send the pitch CV from the sequencer to the S&H audio input. Now use the S&H output for your pitch cv instead of the sequencer pitch cv.

Perhaps your sequencer has S&H built in, so you don't need a S&H module.
Ah yes, I have an S&H ctrl on the A155 and patching the 155's gate into this and toggling on the same rows as the Trigs get the desired effect w00t thanks.

However I think I'll loose a trigger row doing this when using the A-155 as a 16 step sequencer so an A-148 Dual S&H module may be in order.
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