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an introduction and a question
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Author an introduction and a question
Thought I would say hello. I've been lurking here for a long time and it seems like the friendliest forum (along with electro-music) so I thought I would join!
I have a three frac system with:
2 vco's, hex zone' Binary zone, eg-1, quad vca, darkstar, dual linear vca, cgs dual lfo, blacet lfo, multiple, mini wave, and a single width cgs steiner vcf
So, six spaces left. I have a single space low pass gate on the bench and a plan to put a plague bearer next to it. What would be tasty in the last four spots? Just so you know I like to play drones and "bug" music.
Any thoughts are welcome!
Metalbox Wave Multiplier and another micro LFO to drive it. Or a 1U Metalbox ADSR if you want triggered events instead of cyclic events. The Wave mult is SICK SICK SICK.
Oddly enough I have a wave multiplier in the backlog, along with two wogglebugs, a gated comparator, a mfos vco, a super psycho lfo, two pairs of topp's buchla e.g. boards, and a whole bunch of other stuff including a Klee. I just bought a new house and the wife has said I get to fill the current fracs and the Klee. I'm having trouble deciding what deserves to go in the remaining spaces.
Hmmm. That's tough. With that backlog, I'd try to cram the Wave Mult into 2U and add a Wogglebug. Once you've got the Wogglebug, yank the Darkstar and add one of the Buchla 281s smile
My gut reaction is:
Window Comparator, I/O, STG WaveFolder...

but it depends on what you want to do with it.
If you never use it for processing and aren't interested in controlling it by external means then you could skip the I/O and go for a filter or a Klangwerk.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of the Window Comparator and its onboard ramp oscillator.

I'm of the opinion that you can never have enough wave folders/multipliers that double as VCAs.

Congratulations on your new house. w00t
Be sure to secure a studio room as your domain and don't let your wife restrict your synth growth too much.
You should get more racks to put all your DIY projects in and then you may still have some space left over for more.
We have needs too. Satisfy hers and then stand your ground on your own.
The "correct" answer is three more frac racks and the I don't have to leave anything out! No way to hide that from the wife though. She did say I could build an appendage when Scott makes them available.
For now I think the LPG, Plague Bearer, Wogglebug, and 281 dual fun gen should make a pretty decent system. At least until I change my mind again...
she said you could build an appendage lol

isn't that why she married you in the first place?
Never too many appendages...
She even wants one for herself! That should give me some free time...
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