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Mounting Blacet into wood rack rails
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Author Mounting Blacet into wood rack rails
I've been asked to build a wood cabinet for a customer in France who would like to house 42 Blacet modules...2 tiers of 21. I've determined that each tier's opening should be 5.25" in height and 31.5" wide (let me know if that looks accurate). I have been asked to make the mounting rails out of hardwood strips and he will pre-drill mounting holes in the strips when he receives the case. My question is how thick should these strips be? I know that the mounting holes are centered .30" from the upper and lower edges of the front panel, but I'm not sure how much clearance there is between the mounting holes and the jacks and other components. The strip would need to be thick enough to accept the screws at .30", but not interfere with the jacks, etc...

Would 1/2" strip be too much?

Sorry, I don't have any experience with synth modules...i normally just make wooden racks for standard 19" equipment, so any information you could share would be greatly appreciated.
1/2" mounting blocks should do it. The PCBs are 4.25 minus a hair. Most other Frac manufacturers are similar. The screws will go in .3" from top and bottom.
Thanks for the info plord! I saw at the Blacet website that the PCB was 4.22" but wasn't sure about any other components, so thanks for confirming that. Have a great Holiday and a Happy New Year!
here's the draft for a standard 2u panel
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