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Bug report

Post by bar|none » Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:38 pm

Not sure where to report this. KVR forum is less convenient for me so I'm putting these here. These are some bugs or usability issues I've run across and I thought I better report them.

OS X 1.6.5 Live 8.2.13 Using AU versions. Download the 1.6.0 bundle.

Voice Controller and others - The UI components such as the combo lists under "Modes". "Newest", "Retrig On", "Voice / Master" for example. These are really unintuitive. When you click and drag the values don't update in the UI, so there is no feedback, the value MAY change but there is no way to even see all the values you may land on. What I end up doing is I click "configure" on the plugin in Live, then I click on these values to get them to be managed in the automation params of the plugin. Then I interact with them there where I can clearly see and interact with the values.

Calibrations - Saving a calibration with the name "Cwejman VCO-2RM.txt" results in it not being loadable again. Change the name to "Cwejman2RM.txt" and it loads fine.

Voice Controller "Poly" mode. This is probably not a bug but having some issues with the poly mode. If I use poly 2, 1 master and 2 voices, call them voice A, B. If I hit the same single note over and over the notes alternates between voice A and voice B. I would expect or is there a way to make it go to the same voice? I would also really like there to be a way to have for example lower notes to always go to B, whereas the higher note always goes to A for example.

In the manual, the description of setting up Polyphony isn't specific about whether the voices rely on audio or midi to be routed from the master. Seems that audio is what needs to be routed. Was a bit confusing. Not sure how the different "Modes" interact in poly mode.

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