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Plague Bass
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Author Plague Bass
my friend brought his bass over and while he was here my attenuator came in from analogue heaven... so i finally had everything i needed to fire up the brand new Quad Plague Bearer

we were just jamming but i wanted to record anyway.. should've sent him a click.. didn't.. so have my crappy drums in there with his bass and the plague bearer

i used my Future Retro XS as a cv source. chopped out and rearranged the bits i liked in Reaper

i feel like i a better CV solution to get the most out of the Quad PB but can't afford it right now... but i like working with limitations because they really help me explore a piece of hardware to its fullest

this is my first experiment with the Quad Plague Beaer so there is still years of learning it inside and out

quick question for you in the know.... can you explain what is happening when i put two different sound sources into the same input multiple pair?

i'd like to thank f(h) for making these things. for the price i really think it is unbeatable... with all the patching possibilities and tweakability I'm one really satisfied knob twiddler
post count too low to warrant a reply?

or the sound clip just sucks?

just getting into modular synthesis and was hoping for feedback
Soundcloud is down.
Soy Sos
Sounds cool, the synced tremelo is nice. 2 different sound sources to an input pair is I think just sort of merged but not "officially" mixed. Someone with proper electronics knowledge can better address that question. How many channels of the Quad are you using?
BTW, I wouldn't feel too bad about not getting big ups right away. There's a lot of activity on this forum especially with all the new shit being announced.

I'm a big fan of FoH, I've got all the modules except VAmp.
The Plague Bearer makes a great nasty guitar fuzz.
i was using 3 channels of the quad

i need more patch cables. researching another source of CVs for controlling the PB. thinking I'll pick up the f(h) power module, a module with lots of CV options, cv mixer and something with attenuation, inverting and polarizing.

i appreciate the feedback, thanks

i wondering if there are any problems i could possibly run into using the FR XS as a CV source since it uses -15 through +15 volts. anything i should be concerned about since the Quad PB uses a different range?
Nice work! The PB really is great for basses. The PB has a little much high-end harmonic content for guitar, but it works beautifully if you put a lowpass filter before the PB (or use two PB - one as a lowpass then into the second).
Soy Sos wrote:
... 2 different sound sources to an input pair is I think just sort of merged but not "officially" mixed. Someone with proper electronics knowledge can better address that question. ...
The simple explanation:
As long as the two input signals come from resistor-protected outputs with equal-value resistors, then the two signals are averaged together: (s1+s2)/2. Changing the resistor ratio biases the ratio of the signal levels like a balance control.
I think this track sounds great. Having just got 2 PB's and discovered the world of different a pair makes, the idea of having 4 is mind blowing.
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