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Frequen Steiner trouble shoot
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Author Frequen Steiner trouble shoot
This is an updated version from what I posted in the Yahoo group.

This unit was bought used and did work at one point.

Without anything plugged into the CV inputs The unit will stop passing signal unless on puts a small amount of pressure on the upper right of the board (near the IC) -In this mode if one switches into hi pass, audio will return but unfiltered.

When there are connections to the CV inputs the unit basically works but from what I can see the frequency knob doesn't.

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think these are features.

those are definitely not "features", something is wrong. The bit about needing a bit of pressure made me think that maybe there is a loose IC or bad solder joint somewhere, this should be visible just by looking around the PCB. The issue when having external CV plugged in is quite odd. Does the same happen if CV is plugged in, but the attenuators are turned all the way down? Or if you just plug in a dummy cable (the other end is not connected to anything)?

Fwiw, the only issue that mine has developed is that sometimes, after switching modes, the output will cut out until I wiggle the switch knob a little and then it comes back. This is no doubt a problem with the switch itself though.
May have found a solution, though it may be temporary.

I tightened the frequency knob while putting a little bit of pressure on the back of the circuit board.

In terms of the CV knobs, they had to be plugged into another device.

The whole thing is strange but I suspect minor.
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