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Avalon AD2022 Preamp good for recording modulars?
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Author Avalon AD2022 Preamp good for recording modulars?
Anyone had any experience with this one?

I need to amplify some low Db signals from my modular. Is it a good choice for a DI/preamp? I need a transparent preamp that can amplify at least 30 DB.
it might be cheaper to get a pair of U5 DIs then, that's what I use, and they have 30dB gain.

i haven't used the pre you mention, but their bling factor makes them very popular with the hip hop guys.

also, why buy a mic pre, when you won't ever use it on your modular? you'll be throwing money away, unless you'll sometimes actually use it with a mic.

i think the audio quality of avalon gear is not really faulted, but i have heard some nightmare stories about their (lack of) customer support.

if i was going for a new mic pre with a similar style and price bracket, i'd probably opt for grace or daking.

there seem to be a dearth of "which mic pre for my modular" threads recently. gearslutz fallout maybe?
Yeah, i was thinking the DI also... It`s certainly cheaper! About 500 on ebay..
the U5 is a wonderful d.i. very pricey compared to some others, but the clean sound, outrageous specs, and the addition of an amp with 30dB gain and passive EQ options makes it pretty unbeatable. i'd definitely recommend it, and you can easily rack a pair.
The AD2022 is a nice preamp, but given the other options out there around the same price I really wouldn't say it's $3,000 nice. Babaluma's suggestions of a Grace preamp is a great one if you're looking for transparency, and Dakings are one of the better deals in preamps out there.

However, I agree with Babaluma that a quality preamp will be a huge expense if you're only planning on using it as a DI with your modular and not running microphones through it. A better idea would be to purchase a dedicated DI and work from there. The U5 is a solid suggestion - I personally find the actual DI to be a bit on the"ok" side compared to some of the other higher end pres/DIs, but the benefits of the U5 are in the EQ section which can yield useful results with a click of the knob. Plus, and this is certainly not to be downplayed, they show up on eBay practically weekly. Finding one there for under $400 is a realistic goal, and at that price it's quite a deal.
I really like the DAV BG1 myself - and I wouldn't think of spending any more than that for a modular preamp. The Avalon is overkill IMO.

It is definitely worth preamping a modular though and also using a great tube compressor if you have one ... you can really hear the difference - even quite good soundcard inputs need a bit of help in my experience
i usually have to severely attenuate the signals coming out of my modular to get them to play well with my ADCs, and not overload them. i use d.i.'s to convert the modular's outputs into balanced signals for feeding into line level outboard like compressors and preamps, not for gain, but for the sound they impart.

gain staging is REALLY important, from source to destination, analogue or digital, for the best sound quality.
have one
it's great
has some of the best high gain signal to noise rate out there - based on a shoot out - beat out millennium
we did have to send one back for a noisy channel, and setting gain per take is important -gain knobs can be clicky in the recording

i've not tracked a modular thru it but have guitar, bass and drum machines

wouldn't be my first choice for a character preamp - i prefer tubes for that, as i do for tracking modulars because of the lovely harmonic distortion

i do like the grace pre's- wasn't available when we bought, again I wouldn't go solid state for tracking modulars

for the new money value and modular tracking, i'd go with a toft console
Think i`ll go for the Avalon. I work a lot with modular percussion, and a lot of percussion sounds are pretty low in Db. So transparency and a good gainer is important. At $500 it`s also a suitable extra christmas present from my girlfriend. I`ll write it up.
wait a minute, its $500? I was thinking about the much more expensive models. Definitely worth a punt!
You might also consider the
Phoenix Audio Nice DI 2-Channel Direct Box
Nice DI

100$ more but 2 channels.

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