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spring reverb
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Author spring reverb
I love digital and spring reverb.

what kind of spring reverb do you use?
Quad 8 & Furman are my favorite stand alone units which I actually own.

The spring 'verb in my 1964 Ampeg Reverb-o-Rocket is the most lush that I've ever heard in an amplifier.
zerotronics coolsprings le into chandler tg2
I had room in one of my cases to fit my Fisher Spacexpander. Just brought the i/o out to a panel. Love it.

Just me
Dot com springs in one of the portable cabinets.
Hammond necklace and standard reverbs in my A-100 and a tone cabinet.
Lot's of digitals in the rack.
And I'm glad I sold the plate I had that hogged an entire wall section!
I had an AKG, forget which one. Kinda liked it but never really found use for it in my songs so I sold it.
Mike Fun
I have 2 Doepfer A-199's. They have kind of dark quality to their sound. I'd prefer something with that more water-droplet type sound, if you know what I mean - King Tubby, etc. A bigger tank perhaps would get closer? Regardless, they have their place.
Orban 111B
Orange Rockerverb 50. That amp's spring reverb is pure screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo
I've got a pile of Belton reverb tanks... three spring, 7"... really full sound and long decay. I throw them in the FX loop on a mixer as needed.
I had one in a Roland Cube amp but the reverb seems to have stopped working :(
Every spring I've used has been built into mixers... and they all feedback from vibration... do they all do this? Or just crappy ones?
chando wrote:
Every spring I've used has been built into mixers... and they all feedback from vibration... do they all do this? Or just crappy ones?

Since they are electromechanical that's how they work. I don't think there are any spring reverbs that aren't sensitive to vibrations and shocks to the cabinet. More or less of course but I'm not actually sure it's a measurement of quality.
The Demeter RV1 is the best I've heard.
KNAS ekdahl moistureizer..

fantastic box. amazing filter, CV control, lot's of options for mixing out the filter or the reverb. input and output can be overdriven for really pleasing saturation. i really love this thing and find myself using it all the time for more than just reverb. it's kind of a secret weapon for bringing things to life in very musical ways.
I have the Vermona re-tube-verb. I've always been pleased with it.
lowly holy grail, radical red reverberator

TL Space. I have a buddy who has been making convolutions of amazing spaces / gear that sound dynamite. Hopefully I can scoop 'em.
so if you make bangin loud bumpy music.... no spring for you?
chando wrote:
so if you make bangin loud bumpy music.... no spring for you?

Well, you will get some bleed through but from just pure audio I don't think it will be too bad.
As long as your spring reverb isn't acoustically coupled to your monitors you won't have a problem. (i.e. monitors sitting on top of the case your springs are mounted into.)

I like keeping the springs separate from the driver/pickup circuit so I can minimize noise. I make nothing but repetitive music with lots of low frequencies and have never had a problem w/the springs feeding back.
I use and LOVE the Vermona Retroverb spring reverb!

It's such a quiet unit (as far as hiss or hum) and it's build quality is TOP-NOTCH!
I was looking at buying the Retroverb (and may still ultimately), but have been super impressed with my Fender 25R Frontman amp. It is a little practice guitar amp that has a spring reverb. It is outstanding. I used to have a Furman and a Fostex unit. They were both less responsive and many times more noisy than the Fender. The Fender has the added plus of a 3 way equalizer, drive circuit, etc. and a amp/speaker attached. I have not used it in a mixer return yet, but as a direct effect box it is awesome. Used it on the Micromoog last night. It cost $99.00. It is very impressive as a stand alone reverb unit, especially at the price, and is also a guitar amp (solid state).
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