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Oberheim Cyclone
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Author Oberheim Cyclone
Mike Fun
Own one? Used to own one? Cryptic interface, legendary unreliability, yet capable of some truly amazing MIDI output.

I bought mine around 1989 or 90. I'm on battery #2, although it's dead so it won't save patches. The jack for the power supply is iffy on a good day, so you have jiggle it a bit sometimes. Regardless, I love this POS! It's your own personal Terry Riley!

I'd love to hear your stories.
I have one, dont use it, might sell it.... seriously, i just don't get it
I like mine a lot I can't say I've ever understood it though. sometimes you throw a few notes in it and it just creates a whole track, sometimes not. I like the drummer quite a lot too. Like the Alesis modfx these were a kind of commercial dead end that shouldn't have been.
I've had mine since they were new

not really sure what I would do if it was gone......dont even want to think about it

it really is amazing once you get your head around it
Someone should do a modular module like the Cyclone.
The one that catches my interest is the Strummer... anyone ever use one? I'd love to hear a demo.
The Octopus has 'strumming'. I've often wondered if that was modeled after the Strummer.

(I've used it on the GenoQs, but have never played with a Strummer.)
I don't have a demo but I personally found the strummer a bit of a pain in the ass to program and control - but then I am not really a keyboard player. I think its really for a keyboardist who wants to expand their technique into areas the keys don't normally go. I sold mine a while ago, but yeah, I'd be interested to hear a demo of someone doing better than I did on it!
Sonic boom
Borrowed one back in the early 90s. Would love to get my hands on one again.
I had one of these way back in the 90's. It was lots of fun when run at a high rate. Here's a track a made with the Cyclone feeding a Roland D-10 (forget which patch) creating fast swirly sounds. I got rid of it more than 20 years ago so I don't remember much about it beyond making that track.
saw one of these on CL a couple days ago and it gave me pause.
Not sure if it does anything that I cannot recreate on one of my Elektron boxes. But then Waldorf has always had a different approach than the rest.
Had the Cyclone (and some of the others in the series) on and off the past couple decades. Loved what the Cyclone could do, hated the interface.

I even went so far as to pull an extra one apart and start mapping out how I could incorporate the guts into a better case/front end with more dedicated controls and a real display screen.

Eventually decided it just wasn't worth the extreme hassle.

If you do pick one up, make sure it has the 1.2 OS. Earlier versions were known to be able to lock up any/all MIDI devices connected to it.

If you're at all curious about it, I suggest reading through the manual (attached) and seeing if you can handle the cryptic abbreviations/menuing.
I still have the Drummer somewhere! I remember it could do some cool patterns with variations... Anyone got the manual for that?
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