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Circuit Bendingness Anyone?
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Author Circuit Bendingness Anyone?
As Zerosum knows... I've been dabbling in circuit bending for a bit and it's time I start building ALOT more. The DIY familia blows my mind and you'd be suprised at the shit you can create with your bare hands and some wire. Soon I'll be releasing some modular synth modules as well as a few guitar pedals under the name "EPINASTY ELEKTRONIX" For right now, it's warm up time with Speak and Math's as well as Speak and Spell's. I'm working on my site but you can find thus far projects there as we speak. The link is

The samples up for the speak and math are BEFORE the cv in bend/ oscil8ter on/off.

I'll post those samples up by the weekend.....SICK SHIT FELLAZ. THe 1/8" jack on the upper left is for cv/LFO in to control the built in OSC as well as a sample trigger point at the same time. Also the screw towards the top right is also a body contact for a few of the bends as well. I'm thinking about making a small batch of these and will prolly go for $200 with shipping and some custom paint and knob options included as well. Let me know if anyone is interested. PEACE! and thanks for checking out stuff you all
The instant gratification of bending is really cool and the possibilities are endless.
I'd like to get some bent drum machines in the future.

However right now, and for a while I have to focus on other utilities first.
Yeah Aeryk Negatek has been bending some serious shit. He's bent an HR-16, Speak and Math, and has modded Mikes TR505 with some weird buttons that react to pressure (but actually its just making your entire body the conduit to change up circuit paths). So in other words, you might actually hurt yourself to get that great sound.
Aeryk McNegatek's HR16 is one of the most elegantly laid out bends I've seen really - if the TR-505 is anything close to that (though I imagine it's going to be 20billion times more insane) then I will GLADLY hurt myself everytime I use it.....
Body contact point and LFO/CV in.....CHECK. Post more clips tomorrow smile

Anybody happen to go over and check out the clips of the bends? Just curious... Thanks guys! smile
linky no worky

i had a conversaction with my speak & spell once, while i was bending it.
it gave me some good ideas.

i just picked up an old analog casiotone a couple weeks ago, for bending.
it'll be a shame to hack it up. its in near mint condition, with hard case.
OKie.... link is fixed, sorry guys. smile
Muff Wiggler
probably going to sound like a jerk, and certainly no offense intended at all, i should probably keep my mouth shut but in that case you may wonder why i don't reply....

anyway cool sounds and all that for sure... but for me, I've kinda got a wierd opinion of circuit bending. i sort of think it should be something that someone DOES, not something someone BUYS. I kinda think that defeats the purpose. there's lots of cool noise tools one can get, like the bugbrand weevil or the thingamagoop or the atari punk console, if someone wants a noisemaker

but i feel the act of circuit bending is all about the journey and none about the destination. the discovery of funny bends or how a circuit's flow goes. that's the fun. the result after this journey is over - a speak n' spell that makes farty noises or whatever, mmmm, ok. cool for the creator, but i always find it surprising that there is a market for selling these things. i'd probably sell it too, as I wouldn't have much need for it once i was finished bending and perverting it

anyway not to take away from this at all - as long as you are having fun, go for it, and if you can make a bit of cash from it, more power to ya! 8)
Honestly man I agree 100% and that's why I started doing it next to going on ebay and buying things that people have bent. On the same token there are people out there who dont have the time to sit and bend toys and just have time to write music, and they sure as hell would rather buy something than make it most the time due to this fact. Me personaly.... I'd rather save money even from synth modules anymore and just build them. Even have thought about in a year or so... selling most of my frac and building my own modular tower. But circuit bending is also an art...... and just like any painting or a fine hand carved stone..... these can also be sitting in your studio with appreciation.

If anyone is interested.. on the site under the S&M there is a new sick clip.... it's called "Speak Featuring CV in from a modular into a Roland Tape echo"

Pretty scary stuff... Peace everyone! smile
Good points, both of you.
I've not gotten into circuit bending. I do have a speak and read sitting around, waiting for me to mess with its mind...
By the way, that Roland tape echo sounds great.

Anyway, I'm headed off until Friday night. Adios.
Yeah that tape echo... tas ma baby!!! I even have a roland tape echo tshirt I wear Well with the S&M, I'm actually in the process of adding 3 body contact points, and then I built a 555 pulse circuit that triggers a loop point but... I used a photo resistor for that so based the shadows that are above it and where your hand is....changes how fast the pulse of the sample is looping back to you... pretty nifffffffffty, ecspecially while the modular is streaming cv into the cv in at the same time. I'll post a bunch more samples up once this is done.... bitch is going to be just closing the case on this thing.... MOUNDS of Prolly take me a week just to tie wrap everything back into place but.... that's how proto's are I guess, hehe. I just bought a Coleco Talking Teacher that should be lots of fun. Tracking down a nice drum machine to destroy as well. grin
The talking teacher! My kindergarten class had one. If my memories are right (this _was_ 15 years ago), it sounds really cool even without bends.

What drum machines are you looking for?
Heya! As far as drum machines... I just picked up an Alesis HR-16, found some dood on youtube that made that thing sound like a syncopated demon screaming for mercy..... gotta do one up. I'm going to use 2 joysticks out of NES powerpads for combining bends on the fly.

Okay... now, back upstairs to finish the body contact points on the S&M. Peace! smile
Ooooooooooh, so close to being done with the S&M. Gotta test the pulse circuit I built to go inside of her wink

Also need to mount one more pot and this should be REAL FUCKING INTERESTING as I've run out of panel room!!!!! So, I'll post the last and final pics up by the weekend hopefully and with a bunch more sound clips, this thing turned out totally rad... Also the body contacts work, I wrapped a big glob of copper wires around screws basicly.... lol. Pretty cool though because based on how much of your finger is on the screw and if it's wet... determines the pitch. Pretty neat to just sit there with a garbled loop going on and then being stacatto'd by a CV sequencer... changing pitch with your fingers.

Well anywhoo... l8ters everyone. smile
If anyone here cares, lol...... my site has the latest updates on the S+M. She is DONE DONE DIDDY DIDDY DONE DONE!!! I Still have to put up more audio clips this week of all the added features since last time... also graffix have mutated a bit. I also have the beginnings of the next toy being bent. a Coleco Talking Teacher. Peace everyone, and thanks again muff! smile
Muff Wiggler
Hey congrats man! 8)

Have fun with it!
HEY THERE EVERYONE! Wooh... been busy. Check out the updated site. I changed the look of the site as well as added a few new projects. I also had T-shirt's made up and soon stickers. If all goes well, I should have the link up this week.
Thanks so much everyone for the support thus far. Peace! smile

if anyone has forgotten it's

Hola everyone!!! Go check out my virb site for a bunch of new updates!!! Lots more gear done up there!! I still have to post clips of my touch and tell and the alesis hr16 but.... you guys can atleast see what's been going on lately. thanks so much! smile
well im to stupid/lazy to bend myself (im bent enuff) and even tho it may seem against the spirit of the affair im happy when any lunitic makes somthing that makes sounds


oops oops
and anyone who gives a

stab into the jugular of audio electronics

is very welcome in my book....a little cracked (arent they all) but very welcome

i find most folk with soldering irons very peculiar lol grin

they normally have rooms full of bits of all sorts of old/broken/usless gems

and live with there mums ..... at least in england anyway...
Alesis HR16 clips are now up!!!
Hopefully clips of the touch and tell tonight!!
TI Touch and Tell is now done, and is up on the site with clips and photos

Man this thing spits out ALL KINDS OF GARBAGE!!! I've yet to post the clips I made last night running CV in from the modular but... those clips are KILLER. FInal pics are up as well. Incase anyone is too lazy... I'll post a picture here for you guys to follow. Peace and thanks for peepin! smile

Thank for the support Muff, love the site man! smile
Muff Wiggler
good stuff Luigi! Very cool pic, thanks for posting it!

Looks like you are having lots of fun, hope you sell lots so you can buy more toys to twist and mangle! 8)
Muff, thanks for the kind words brutha!!!!! Hey guys, I posted 4 more clips of the T+T on the virb site. go checkem out. thanks!!!
Hey there fellaz, I was bored friday night so I added 3 cv jacks to my EHX Memory Man pedal and tonight I recorded 3 clips of me screwing around with it, only a guitar going in for the audio source. Pretty fucking whack... enjoy.

Oh yeah... it's on the site.

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