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Malgorithm and Sonic Alienator and Geiger Counter
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Author Malgorithm and Sonic Alienator and Geiger Counter
Hello fellow Wigglers I am new to the forum after lurking for a few months. I have a Cwejman S1 and an MPC2500, with a Schaltwerk and a Mobius sequencer. I also have a bunch of effects boxes: Moogerfooger ring mod, low pass, freq box & CP251, Metasonix TM3 & TM6, Sonic Alienator and Geiger Counter 1/4" passive mixer and 1/4" passive multiplier and a million 1/4" cables, 1/8" and jack adapters. I have been using the boxes as modules and interconnecting everything. However, I have the decision to go full on modular and buy a Doepfer case and start filling it.

I am attracted to the Harvestman gear, but I am wondering if the Malgorithm will basically mangle the same way as the Geiger Counter and Sonic Alienator, except that the Malgorithm is cv controllable? I would like to eliminate as much trial and error purchasing as possible.

I live in Canada and I was wondering if anyone has dealt with Technopolis (Canada's official Doepfer dealer) or Moog Audio (Canada's official Harvestman dealer)? I was going to buy the Doepfer case from Technopolis.
Soy Sos
I have the Malgorithm and Doepfer A-189-1 but haven't used the
Sonic Alienator or Geiger Counter. They're both really fun and having
CV control is key, they're also useful for mangling CV signals as well.
The bit crushed effect has been pretty over used but I've found some
very cool uses that don't sound anything like the cliches'
Have at it! thumbs up
I have a malgorithm and a bitrman. So, not directly addressing your question. My malgorithm is very different from the bitrman and I suspect it will also differ from the ones you have. I suspect it will be useful, if you really like bitcrushers. As was said, the malgorithm is really fun with CVs so, for that alone it may be worth it.
I have a Malgo, and have heard a lot of sound samples of the Sonic Alienator and the Geiger Counter and I can definitely say they all are a little different sounding.

If anything, I would say the Malgo sounds most similar to the Alienator in terms of sample rate reduction and somewhat similar as far as bit rate reduction goes, however, I think the digital waveshaping/rectifying section of the Malgo (all the various switches) really makes it stand out as unique (and brutal).

I'd say there's reason to have all 3, or at least try it out and see which ones you want to keep. Seeing as you have a the Alienator *and* the Geiger, I'm sure the Malgo will feel most welcome.

Also, I don't know if you're partial to the pedal form-factor, but Scott is developing a pedal format for the Malgo (called the Empty Quiver) that has less CV control, but a built in LFO.
Thanks for your advice. It sounds like going with the Malgorithm and some of the other Harvestman modules will be a good way to beef up my sounds.
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