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Flame Clockwork vs. Echometer
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Author Flame Clockwork vs. Echometer
Following my previous post on ways to expand on my Futureretro XS through a small modular setup, I have become more and more interested in these Flame products. However, I'm having a hard time deciding on which one would fit the bill for me. I want to use these units with my FR XS(semi modular), FR Revolution (also analog sequencer), an MPC3000, Mac running various software, and in the future a modest 3u eurorack modular. The ultimate goal is rhythmical mayhem basically (not just distorted breaks if that's what you have in mind, I don't care much for those).

I would prefer to start with one of these and expand to a modular holding more "leftfield" modules, rather then dive straight in with sequencers and swithces, clock dividers, burst generators, more voices etc... just seems cheaper, and extremely good value for money.

So, what would you recommend? any Flame users out there?


I think a good starting question is: How heavily do you use MIDI in your current setup?
Or, for that matter, how do you use analog clocks in your current setup?
Right now I don't have any analog clocks in the setup Plord, so none are used. Would like to introduce some to the XS and futue expantions as I metioned to make more interesting grooves which rely less on micro editing in the DAW.

and MrDys, as MIDI is all I have right now to send from the MPC or from the mac to the synths, I use it extensively. I do sequence the XS with the FR Revolution though.

Please take into consideration my expantion plans as I have mentioned them. My question is not not what will work right now, but more what will be a good investment for the future.

fwiw, I think the echometer is a MUCH cooler device than the clockwork - way more live-looping-esque, yet can do sort of regular clocking tasks.
I'm currently contemplating the exact same thing. I wish I could demo each unit. Anyone out there selling either of these? hihi
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