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Purchasing from Modular Square
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Author Purchasing from Modular Square
Has anyone in the US ever purchased from

I normally get everything from AH, but they are out of stock of a certain module that I want ASAP. Modular Square apparently has one in stock... but I don't know anything about them.

EDIT: I just found a site called that also had the module in stock, for a slightly cheaper price, and they deliver to the US. I ordered it from them instead... but would still like hear any good/bad stories about Modular Square.
Thomann are reliable, I get all my Doepfer and other music gear from there. Unsure about modular square although I've never got anything from them, they just dont seem to keep up-to-date though with what modules are about and I've also never had replies to emails I've sent them.
modularplanner wrote:
they just dont seem to keep up-to-date though with what modules are about and I've also never had replies to emails I've sent them.

Yeah, the more I browsed their site, the more I noticed everything seemed pretty outdated. I also went to send them an email to make sure that the module really was in stock, and there was a note saying the store was closed for Summer holiday and won't be open until August 08... definitely a little behind.

Thomann on the other hand had one of the best music gear retail sites I've ever seen. Really nice design, very informative about what is in stock with a graph for each item, nice graphics for the items, etc... and the prices actually seemed a bit cheaper than AH for the Doepfer stuff after currency conversion. I'm glad I stumbled upon their site.
+1 on thomann. i use them for most of my non-modular gear. excellent to deal with.
never had an email back from them too..
and i'm french...
Unfortunatly for us in France, Modularsquare is the official importer of most of the analog musical gear (Doepfer, Cwejman, Moog, ...). I know the guys who manage this "kind of store" : they are friendly, BUT they are too lazy of their business, it's a shame ... The listing of their website is never accurate, they are not interested in the new modules, and so on ...

d'oh! very frustrating

Personaly, I ended up to deal with SchneidersBuero in Germany, and Analogue Haven and Noisebug in the USA : they are friendly, they know all the stuff and they are accurate.


Hedi K.
Thomann are great, I've had several orders with them and each time they've been superb.
wetterberg and are both great, but I would buy from SchneidersBuero (via schneidersladen) every time - support the little guys!
I deal with Thomann quite often due to my job. They are one of the most professional operations out there. Very low bullshit factor.

I'll second (or even third?) what everyone else said about Modular Square.
Old thread but I would like to hear up to date info about modular square.

I ordered some stuff, got order information, credit card is charged and after that I haven't received any info about delivery. Do they send notifications when order has been shipped? They are not answering to my emails.
They should. I had no problems personally with my most recent Modular Square order... but (other than a USPS screw-up that just recently got resolved) I had no problems with Thomann either... seriously, i just don't get it
For info, my order from Modular Square arrived today so all good related to it.
Re: my Jan 01, 2009 post, the business side of Modular Square is MUCH MORE BETTER now ! w00t nanners

Hédi K.
Oh GOD! I just realized how old this thread was. SlayerBadger!
I have been waiting for a refund from them for a few months but they dont seem to want to give my money back. Been sending e-mail and got answer over a week ago saying my case will be solved the next day. They have my name and iban but I can't get my money back confused
They have a new general manager taking charge of things there. He's a good guy. Feel free to prod the shit out of him!
Noise for Fiction
I did order couple of months ago from them and everything was ok.
It took 2weeks to get invoice but after I paid they send module fast.
Shipping to finland took about week.
It's taken almost a week just to get an invoice and a PayPal address (still haven't gotten that one, though) before finalizing an order, so I'm a bit wary using them.

I guess I am spoilt by the service of both Escape from noise and Analogue Haven, but are people still happy with the mail order side of Modular Square?
I only ordered a module once from them last december (shipped to my family in France so that I could get it during my holidays, easier/cheaper than shipping to Japan for me) and had no problems. I paid by credit card, if I remember correctly.

Even if it looks like they had some "timing" problems in the past, they definitely are good people (and I think they're very much related to Eowave, who have been in the analog noisemakers business for a very long time).
Ordered an E350 from them last year, and everything went without issues.
I've ordered from modular square. Everything fine and shipping slwas very quick.
No experience with them so not related to them directly but I always cringe when I see "I guess I'm spoilt from the service from ..." (some happy customer, good company etc). We should expect good service, with understanding an room for error for the little guys etc but we shouldn't except and accept shit service! If you open a shop and take money it should be followed through and it's simple business that good service (even little simple things) will bring your customer back time and time again and they'll spread the word.

Mini rant over hihi mluckily no horror stories to share but yeah, we should get good service!
i did a quite big order with modular square recently. around 2k worth of modules. i never ever got a e-mail back from them. after sending them a couple more e-mails asking for a confirmation of the order i still didn't get a reply. don't bother with them!
I have ordered a fair bit of gear from Thomann over the years, great prices, constant updates on delivery, highly recomended!

I recently ordered from Modular Square, my module was delivered without any problems, and it was a good price, however they have never answered any of my emails
Yeah, I'm about to give up on Modular Square, and just order from someone else. The fact that it's taken a week, and I *still* haven't gotten their payment info, makes me dread what kind of support I could expect if something went wrong with the order - or if something is wrong with a module.

I just find it weird that I send them "please take my money!" emails (well, almost), and there's just ... silence.
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