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Delptronics Sequencer + Weevil?
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Author Delptronics Sequencer + Weevil?
Just found this little sequencer:

If I wanted to use this to sequence a Board/postcardweevil, where would I need to put the cables?

I know this has been discussed somewhere before, but not with this device as sequencer.
I'm not at all sure about using the trigger part.
For the seq. parts you should try connecting over the pitch dials for the oscs - on both the B & P Weevils these come out to touch-plates. Just use a multimeter to figure out which.
Take a vid of any resulting action!!
If I buy one I´ll document the results... let´s see what Santa brings first.
Thanks for the reply!
Got one of these ages ago and just built it, the trigger part works wonderfully, you can patch 2 touch plates together and it will connect and disconnect them in time with the sequencer rate.
The pots that came with the sequencer do very little to the pitch so I think I need to swap them out for ones of the same value as those on boardweevil itself.
if anyone is still interested in sequencing the weevil's I can vouch for the hours and hours of fun to be had with a delptronics bender sequencer and a weevil.
I've used this thing with my boardweevil 2012, travel weevil, cube weevil and WOM all with wildly different results.

Here's a 7 minute muckabout with the sequencer and a boardweevil 2012 that shows some of the mad possiblities to be had here, especially when getting involved with the power starve!

Recorded line in from the weevil no fx, just a very light limiter on the master buss. Cans or speakers recommended for the bass resonance off the filter.

p.s. it's a 96khz wav file downlad if anyone prefers to hear it in high-res
Fun! w00t
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