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LEL CZ, wants one
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Author LEL CZ, wants one
Given the Guvnor's penchant for all things Soviet, reckon you could cook us up one of these? love

I actually had one years ago (still do, 'tho completely unoperational due to exploding battery borking the pcb), 'twas a beautiful thing.

I would pay ( * 10) / 2 thumbs up
i had exactly that blue version in early 90s, when playing guitar in some hc/se band. it sucked for me then but there were no alteratives and qaulity Boss or Dod pedals costed around half of my mother's salary (early post commie Poland was a harsh place to live). but later on i've found it great for my first industrial experimentations. sadly, it was stolen during some gig. even if there were lots of soviet equipment around in 90s, now it's really hard to stumble upon those. so i was searching for this for years! and then, a week ago, i have won some auction with the "red" version of Cifrovaya Zadyershka. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Fucking awesome, red version??!!!?? love

I just remember you could toggle that switch and unleash all manner of noise fuckery. That pedal (+ copious amplifier feedback) formed the basis of my "sound" for many years waah
now that's a hint!

yeah, "red" version was actually black d'oh! - probably an export version, with english words on it. btw, rumours were that russians were buying some chips on the West, then selling the whole units cheaper than the cost of those elements alone.
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