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Thanks Muff,
I have been cooking up this stuff for years now, and finally decided to get serious, and start producing my own line of modules and guitar pedals.
At the moment I have 4 modules in production, and am working on a few other designs, I hope to have a complete modular synthesizer by the end of 2009, but we'll see how it goes. For the time being, I will only be producing these in small numbers (5-10 at a time), all the modules are hand made by me, myself and I, and I do have a day job.
I will never ask for payment until the modules are finished, and ready to ship, I've seen to many others do this, and end up digging themselves into a hole they can never get out of.
I have started with Frac format modules, for the simple reason that Frac panels are the only ones I can get from FPE at a reasonable cost, I have been talking to a local screen printer, but he doesn't seem to enthused about printing panels for me, once I find someone to print them (or my silkscreening skills improve) I'll be offering them in MOTM and dotcom formats. (my main system is dotcom)
I am also going to start building some Frac cases, I'll post some pics when I get the prototype done. There will be a few small changes in the first few batches of modules, as I optimize them.
If anyone is interested in some modules, drop me an email on my website or a pm here.
I'll be posting a separate thread for each module in the next few days, until then, here is a pic of the prototype frac modules, I can supply them with 3.5 or banana jacks
I need to generate some cash to continue development, so I have a limited number of modules for sale, prices are listed on my website. As an added incentive, I will include shipping within North America in the price.
You can also have your choice of Banana's or 1/8" jacks, and LED color (red,green,yellow,amber,blue)
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Fractional Rack Modules  
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