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Serge TKB Ordered.
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Author Serge TKB Ordered.
Will be here at the end of January so my m-modules can have a buddy. we'll see if I can make it play nice with my eurorack modules as well.

urgh... so jealous. How much are these things nowadays?
Rad!!! That's going to be a lot of fun, I can't wait to hear what you think of it when you get it.

Which M-odules do you have?
Good to hear that turnaround seems to be pretty quick these days...
Chuck E. Jesus
wetterberg wrote:
urgh... so jealous. How much are these things nowadays?

i need to stay away from this forum, i'm getting serious Serge lust as of late...
God damn. SlayerBadger! Awesome, congrats!

I have a creature and a gator. Got the creature shortly after the m-series got announced have had the gator for only a few months. Just tapping into all the possibilities, is a really deep system to figure all it can do. Figured the TKB was the next logical step for me as I plan to also use it to sequence/program the eurorack stuff. At some point i will also be getting he triple oscillator and another m-series module....

Tkb is currently 2700$ + whatever you need for power.
The Creature/Gator combo seems to be a popular one!
Holy Fucking Touchplates, Batman!

Where's that little green envy guy?

Cthulhu <--- This'll do 'er
parasitk wrote:
The Creature/Gator combo seems to be a popular one!

I'll say!
BTW, can the TKB run off of the M-Class power supply, or does it require one of the other "standard" power supplies?

I have read that 1 M-Class PSU can power 2 M-Boats (4 M-odules), but there was no mention if would also power the Shop Panels or TKB.
Back in my Serge days (I had a 4 panel system w/ TKB), I always thought that the TKB was the most powerful oscillator in the Serge system. It is basically a harmonic oscillator when clocked at audio rates. It was truly an awesome sound. Plus, there are very few other 64 step sequencers out there...

There are two trimpots inside that need to be adjusted once you have it in your hands. They often go out of whack during shipping, so don't worry if it is not behaving as you expected (it is VERY easy to remedy).
Well i asked the power supply question before ordering and was told that yes it would work fine for powering the m-series chassis and the tkb. But I am not sure if that mean they had to do any different on the power connection or by default it just works....

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