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Author VC-Clock
This one is a voltage controlled clock, based on the clock/S&H from the old Aries modular, it also works well as a utility LFO.
It has a square wave output (symmetrical) and a ramp output, the square wave/trigger outputs are great for controlling sequencers etc. and the ramp output is good at giving you those "zippered" sound fx, it also has voltage control of the frequency, a sync input and a trigger output.

I screwed up the panel, and put Tri-Out instead of Ramp out, not a big deal, but it has been corrected for future panel runs. Th pcb on this was also a bit long, (it was originally done for the 5u format) so I have rearranged it into a smaller board, it will still fit in most standard frac cases, just make sure there is nothing behind it.
really liking these designs so far. i'm not a fan of the knobs but i can always throw on my own if i ever get one of your modules.

thanks for going frac. as most know around here i'm a frac junky.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Fractional Rack Modules  
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