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Gate Delay
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Author Gate Delay
This is simply a gate delay, based on the Pic12f675
I am not a stickler about everything being "analog", in some cases digital works better, this is one of them.
Basically, when a gate signal is detected on the input, it starts the timer, and when the time is up the output goes to 5v, and stays there as long as there is a signal on the input, if the input loses the signal before the timer is finished, the timer resets to 0, and waits for a new signal on the input.
I had originally set it up with external voltage control of the timing, but never really found any use for it, I have eliminated the jack on the panel, but the connections are still on the pcb if someone wants to add it.
There are two timing ranges, 0-1sec and 0-10 sec, the timing can also be customized, by changing a few variables in the programming. The two delays on the panel can be ganged together, in which case you still have two delays, but they will both take there timing from the Delay1 pot, you can also cascade them, patch the delay 1 out to the delay 2 in, for longer delay periods.

I am still learning some of the more technical aspects of programming the Pic's, there is a MIN/Max feature I am looking into, to see if I can fine tune the ranges better.
Looks like a good amount of function to squeeze into 1u. 8)
We love functional density.
This is your competition point.

The Min/Max addition sounds like it could be useful.

I can imagine that VC of delay time might be useful if you wanted a
sound to gate at a different interval say... every other cycle of a sequence.

On the STG Yves Usson Gate Delay I find the Slew/Envelope outputs to be VERY useful.
Coffee Addiction FTW
I'm not real big on "functional density", my biggest complaint with frac and euro is that a lot of manufacturers are cramming so much stuff onto so little real estate, that you can't get your fingers around anything anymore.
I want the jacks and controls on my modules to be accessible, so if things start getting to tight, I would make the panel larger, this module is about a dense as they will ever get.
I don't know if it's just because I build all my own cabinets, but if I ran out of space, I didn't even think about it, I simply built another cabinet and power supply, and kept adding to the system.
Dragonslair wrote:
I'm not real big on "functional density", my biggest complaint with frac and euro is that a lot of manufacturers are cramming so much stuff onto so little real estate,
well, that's pretty much the ethos of the frac/euro modulars - functionaly density and, subsequently, portability and in some respects ergonomics.

For less dense systems you'll really want the system to be a 5U, if you ask me - especially with the price of casings being what they are and all.

i dunno. this module seems plenty dense to me. keep up the good work Dragon's Lair!
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