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New Synton Stuff coming?
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Author New Synton Stuff coming?
Fenix Q&A

Here are some answers of some questions I get

1-Fenix 2, Fenix XL Rumours:
After we stopped with producing the Fenix we hear rumours about the successor of the Fenix.

We want to try to give an answer at these rumours.

1- Will there a Fenix 2/3 and or Fenix XL. The answer is: We don't know. It is no problem to design these units,

but producing these will cost a lot of time and storage space, and these we don't have.

Actually we have already proto pcb's of new modules ready. So i think the change for a successor is 50%.

2- The successor will be an add-on for the fenix. Maybe but also maybe not.

3- The Fenix XL will be available only for Fenix owners. The answer is NO. If we came with new units, it will be available for everybody but in a very limited edition. We hope to make a decision before half 2009.

2-Will there be an update that gives us a bit more information on the specifics of the instrument.

It looks bit like a sequencer and there are some nice sequencer demos on the page as well.? The prototype is a modulair sequencer and there will be new proto of the modulair sequencer and i am working at a first proto of an analog modulair synth.

I cannot tell you any specs because i want to use the proto's for testing differents modules. It will be a strange configuration of modules.
If the proto's are finished and tested i will some information at internet. However if i ever start a small production run this unit will be different as the proto.

3-I've been noticing your posts to Youtube and have noticed a Sequencer of some sort that you guys have created.

Is this for private use or do you intend to create a small run for folks to purchase in the future?

It is a modulair sequencer we made just for fun and for pricate use.

Maybe we decide before half 2009 that we run a small production run.

4-When can we expect an update that gives us a bit more information on the specifics of the instrument.

I will try to give an update of the prototypes end of jan 2009.

5-Will the sequencer came out first?

I am working second proto of the sequencer and 1st proto of the synth. I will not bring out firstly the seq and then the synth or reversed. Mayby i bring out both or only one.

6-What will be the prics?

I don't know the price, because i don't know what i will put in the unit.

As a former Fenix owner and Synton enthusiast we're not worthy , I would jump on ANY new gear released by Marc or Bert like a fly on a stinky pile of manure. I hope 2009 brings this to fruition!
As a current fly and manure owner, I'm terribly excited by the thought of new Synton love!
Yeah hopefully Bert is gonna release both smile
Reese P. Dubin
You got a bit more info out of Bert than I have, but with patience it seems promising. I would pay in full and wait ages for anything else from them, my Fenix is my baby.

I wish they would offer the original boards for DIY, a trio of Oscillator 1 would be dynamite. Not too mention the rest of it.
I'd be interested to see what they come up with, probably will be beyond my price range though as they seem to be in the same market/style/quality as the Macbeth synths.

Interesting to compare the official prototype Fenix sequencer to the third party Mikado project.

And yes, I really hope Marc and Bert can release something. I'd love to see some module manufacturer team up with them because from what I gathered those guys are full of really great ideas but building the large quantity of Fenixes really took it's toll.
Yeah design stuff is cool.
But building it sucks ofcourse.

I hope their stuff comes i am excited about the sequencer.
wow! so its really coming then.

reckon I should sell all my euro and save until its release? anybody know if it will definately be released?
Reese P. Dubin
Oh man I am going to be ill...not one but two new offerings? FUCK

The original Fenix cost something like $1500-1800 US when it was new.No way in hell the new ones wont be $$$.

Better put some serious cash aside if I can scrape it up.
modularplanner wrote:
I'd be interested to see what they come up with, probably will be beyond my price range though as they seem to be in the same market/style/quality as the Macbeth synths.

I'd say the Fenix the philosophy is much closer to Serge (and of course vintage Synton to a degree but not entirely) compared to Macbeth. The Macbeth M5 is slider heaven but huge and roomy. Ken is much much more from a Moog & Arp school.
I heard the proto waveshaper from the xl and it sounded pretty cool.
Mono-poly. Where abouts did you hear it, are you in contact with the Synton lot? ( I see you are based in the Netherlands as well as them)

On the off chance you are, any chance of finding out preliminary cost estimate and date?

Im about to be coming in to a nice bit of cash from a sale, originally planning to do a massive expansion of my euro-modular but if i could get a date and cost I would 100% wait for it.
I email with Bert a lot recently and yeah i am Netherlands based to.
But i have no clue when the XL is gonna come and at what price.
Bert can only work a few hours each week on the proto boards.
Since he also has a daytime job and also repairs stuff once a while.
ah right. cheers
mono-poly wrote:


i am 100% sure there is someting on the bottom of the unit that we may not see,thats why its not shown in the picture.
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