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Author epianos
Why is it that people always use electric pianos (i.e. Rhodes, Wurlitzer) for jazz/soul/funk? The sound is really good for that, but I have never seen anyone branch out and use it for something more avant-garde, or even play Chopin. Wonder what it would be like.
Rhodes pianos at least (I've never spent more than a few minutes with a Wurli) are a little murky and that's part of what makes them great and part of what makes them really hard to fit into certain styles. The dynamic range of a Rhodes isn't going to match a good acoustic piano either. Psych/spacerock styles I guess can be all over the map and anywhere between totally avant garde and completely retro-derived, but Rhodes rules in that (varied) context a lot of times. It's a sound that lends itself to change easily. Run a Rhodes through a Superfuzz and it's insane. Rhodes - deep reverb tank - Leslie cab is so woozy and awesome.

I think every post I've made today has had "Rhodes" in it, I may be a little obsessed.
drewtoothpaste wrote:

For some crazy drunken reason, I was expecting a Chopin nocturne. Never anticipated that I would be transported back to Bean-town and the bitter winter walk across the Channel bridge from Fort Point to the Bull and Finch. Sir, that was a heart-rendering rendition; I commend you.
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