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STG wave folder vs Doepfer Wave Mult
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Author STG wave folder vs Doepfer Wave Mult
While I plan on remedying the situation asap, at the moment my small system is pretty limited in the number of voices I have, so I need to get as much out of what I have harmonically as possible. at the moment I have a A137, and have found it fairly useful, but not as much as I had hoped. I feel like I have to fiddle with it way too much to find sweet spots where its actually doing something that doesn't sound like junk.
after watching the demo videos of the STG wave folder I was pretty intrigued. the effect it has seems way more drastic then what I can get out of my A137.
anyone care tot push me over the edge and totally sell me on the wave folder?
Its a different beast. I use it a lot more than the A-137 (which still has its uses!!)
I would say its effect is less drastic in a way than the A-137... its a more mid-range growl, and goes smoothly from silent, to clean to dirty. Works great as a naughty VCA. Go for it I say..
btw, there is a trimpot which can be adjusted by the user to give a more extreme effect. it's the initial gain trim, which i'd tell you right now but don't have one handy (i'm waiting on PCB restock.)

i wrestled with calibration for a while, and it seemed more useful to me as something that could be used as a VCA or a distortion than a dedicated distortion.
brandon daniel
Totally different beast. The Doepfer introduces new wiggles to a wave you put into it, as well as interesting clipping mechanism. The Wave Folder doesn't do so much of the "new wiggle" stuff, but is a really neat dirty VCA/clipper. If you like "tearing" distortion in your VCA, this is for you.
Try the STG on a sine wave and play with the input gain - it definitely re-wiggles it!
I love that the wavefolder doubles as am overdrivable VCA. grin
I forgot abuot that yesterday until I ran out of VCAs n gates (a huge silly patch the world will never hear, i forgot to record it before dismantling).

The STG wavefolder is great for adding some harmonics, distortion effects, VCA, and works with low frequencies, even envelopes (I just tried with a M10 in LFO mode), so I assume most DC signals would work too. At slower speeds it adds this swing,pulse, bouncy feeling to LFOs and envelopes.

I know jack about the doepfer module.
I just picked up the Wavefolder and am impressed. It has a bit more vintagy sound and grit than the A-137 but doesn't go as extreme. As I used the A-137 just to get that Buchla-esque growl from my Sines I find the WaveFolder does better at that so I'm replacing the A-137 with it. For all out dirty nasty wave multiplying the Serge WVX is my fav, hope Bananalogue gets back in action so more can get that one and I can get a VCS.
how does the waveshaping compare to the top half of the plan b model 25?

anyone know?

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