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A new FracRack enclosure
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Author A new FracRack enclosure
I've just been posting the first details on my BugBlog for my custom FracRack enclosure (plus the associated Power Supply Unit)

I'll be posting more system details over the next week or so.
(there is a reason for me designing my own rack frame!)

Having used Paia racks up until now, I had identified quite a few areas which I wasn't quite happy with, so set about making my own design for local fabrication.

- space for 11 frac-width -> minimization of rack-ear space wastage!
- easy module mounting using M3 bolts + integrated nuts
- shallow at only 4" deep -> my designs never require the 6-7" available with other FracRacks. [This does, obviously, limit the rack's use to the less deep commercial modules but this was a clear design choice for me]
- removable rack-ears leaving a plain 'box' which can be easily combined into larger systems (without any wasted space)
- integrated power bus bar with 12 x 0.1" headers + an optional 10 x 0.156" (blacet standard) headers. Power is connected at the back with a 3-pin locking connector.
- extremely strong as its all steel (black-painted)

(shown without rack-ears)
Very nice. Well done.

It looks like you are coming out with a fleet of cool modules. It will be nice to have a Frac manufacturer added to our side of the pond. SlayerBadger!

I now have a new excuse to rapidly fill my last available spaces!
why didn't you just make top and bottom rails a la the MOTM-19A?
My design aims at desktop and portable systems along with 19" rack - hence the boxy design approach.

A desktop unit would only require two simple end cheeks, yet all the internals would be well protected.

PS -- thanks Kent!
BugBrand wrote:
My design aims at desktop and portable systems along with 19" rack - hence the boxy design approach.

thumbs up

This is spot on! Looks really neat & tidy! The 'modular curious' can grab 1 or 2 racks, plonk em on the desktop next to the mopho/blofield/virus/thingy of the month without huge expense or jumping off the deep end with a massive system.
Great rack!
I wonder how much they gonna cost.
I love the PSU board idea with the external psu!

Very cool. Love that it's 11 spaces.

But I'm still waiting for someone to just make rails, like STG said! :(
parasitk wrote:

But I'm still waiting for someone to just make rails, like STG said! :(

check out your local hardware store. i found 10mmX10mmX1.5m aluminum rails for $8. exactly the same U shape as blacet uses. very rigid.

this is what I'll be using in my new custom case i'm having built.
so sexy.
Thanks guys!

I'll be putting up pricing details within the next week or two -- they're certainly not 'cheap' as such, but I don't think they'll be overly expensive given their form and uses.

I should also say that I won't be supplying all that many for now - due largely to my small setup nature! And I'll mainly be focused on supplying for my own systems - but happy to discuss the possibilities and hope to be able to increase availability / decrease price in the future perhaps.

I tried out some 'end-cheek' ideas today and will be working more / posting details before too long too, but a quick proto today already looks good - simple but effective.

PS - I used the hardware right-angle metal option several times - works great!
:thumbs up bra:
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