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Anyone used a HD24 for MTC/MMC?
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Author Anyone used a HD24 for MTC/MMC?
Basically i've borrowed a HD24 for my university final year project (composition and production of electronic music without computers) and am having some trouble sending MTC to MIDI devices just to send start/stop messages.

I've tested it with a doepfer MSY2, Alesis MMT8 and my TR707 but none have worked. Looked up on the net and there's little advice but whatever i've seen i've either already tried or it doesn't work. MTC and MMC is enabled on HD24, MIDI out of HD24 to all devices and nothing. Any ideas?

I hope this can work as I really would like to be able to multitrack this easily, the only option is to record a jam with all sequenced parts and just play other parts over it, which doesn't give me the flexibilty for more complex composition.

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