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etek ad 1823 mixer any good?
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Author etek ad 1823 mixer any good?
there seems a big blowout sale on thes etek mixers in germany
this one had an introduction price of 299 euro, but some shops sell them off now for 69euro
just wondering if its any good, mainly its for live use, so quality of pre amps is not such a big issue
anyone used some of those etek mixers, or the most famous notebookmixers?

are can i better save money for a yamaha mg 12/4 omMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:watchlink:top:nl

looking fo a live mixer not too big (12 channel) and not too heavy and not too expensive, all ideas welcom
i like the look and for the price i'm givin it a shot, so i bought one, no high hopes, but hope it still pretty ok.
I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the Etek NoteMix series of power amp/mixers. Clean mixer with lots of gain and great EQs, and really nice loud integrated power amp. Absolutely love it.

A few of their regular mixers seem to have the same layout as the NoteMix mixer, and I assume have the same quirks (one of the biggest is putting inputs for stereo channels with stereo jacks, one being Left for both and the other being Right for both!)... but despite that they cram a LOT of I/O on there. Physically the NoteMix is pretty hefty aluminum chassis, but the mechanical engineering on the amp side didn't mesh well with the electrical design (capacitor legs pushed through board due to the caps touching the top of chassis, extremely tight internally)

I've passed on getting these desktop mixers a few times, but at that price, if they are anything like the quality of the mixer section of their old NoteMix design, it's totally worth it!
After looking at that thing a bit more... I kind of really want to buy it! I would prefer that over a Mackie VLZ any day.

Three AUX sends, baby.
got it today, so far its better than i hoped
the stereo inputs-> stereo level pot is pretty good for attenuating modular levels. eq is pretty good and useful
it does look a bit fragile with all those tiny sliders, and faders are a bit wobble in feeling, but this has more to do with the knobs the put on those.
it sounds more electronic like, while my other mixer a ah zed12fx sounds more smooth i think.
encloser is hefty alu, could have used more ventilation, does at bit of charming warm after a while, good for those cold hands ha.

for 70 euro not much to complain, has mutes
3aux, 1 send and return, a tape in that also can be used as send and return
mono ins also double as inserts
enough options to play with as a live mixer, its not that my setup is so big
Paranormal Patroler
Anybody still using these?
I do! they are good.. for what they are if you find them cheap!
Paranormal Patroler
They look great!
there is also a reverb/fx processor that sometimes is included... the quality is lofi but.. who cares .. as i said i you find them cheap (ie 60-70 GBP) they are well worth the money.

for 200 or something like that... hmm confused perhaps not IMHO
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