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Moogerfooger MF107 PCB trimpots
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Author Moogerfooger MF107 PCB trimpots
I use a MF107 with a modular synth. It's a really fat oscillator.
On the PCB, there are two trimpots, P8 and P9.
P9 is for the 1V/octave scaling, but what is P8 for?
tried Moog themselves?

sorry, but that's all i got. seriously, i just don't get it
Yes I contact Moog and here's the answer :

My question is about the Moogerfooger MF107 FreqBox.
I use it with a modular Eurorack synthesizer and well, the MF107 is a
very great oscillator.
The only drawback is the tracking at 1V/octave, it's not perfect,
especially at high frequencies.

On the PCB, there are two trimpots, P8 and P9.
P9 is for the scaling, right? But what is P8 for? And how to set it

Best regards from France.


Hi Joffrey
P9 is the one that you are after. This sets the Frequency input control
voltage so that it is 1v/octave. You should be able to dial this in with
P9. P8 is involved with the feedback loop of an op amp in the envelope
section of the circuit. It sets the midpoint between a voltage divider,
and should be in the correct position by default. I hope this helps.

Tech Support Manager
And again, feedback...

Thank you for you answer, it helps a lot!

But, my electronic knowledge is quite limited and, I tweaked both trimpots to find which one adjust the scaling.
So, now, scaling is perfect, that's very cool but about P8, how can I set it up correctly? What does this trimpot do in term of audio? Does it manage the envelope amplitude, or the speed, or something else?

Thanks again for your feedback!


The trimpot P8 will not do much, if anything, to the sound that you will be able to hear. P8 is really there as a stabilizing trimpot between the two power rails, and it should be fine in whatever position you leave it in as long as the pedal is working. Let me know if you need anything else.
Tech Support Manager

Well, it seems this trimpot doesn't do much! I set it full CW or CCW and no difference, the MF107 works perfectly! seriously, i just don't get it
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