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Hertz Donut problem, unstable
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Author Hertz Donut problem, unstable
Something I noticed today - my Hertz seems particularly unstable, pitch-wise, and also affected by other modules on the same busboard.

Straight-up sine, no modulation, no tracking, no FM, nothing else patched in, the pitch jumps around erratically, every 5-20 seconds. It's a noticeable jump, too, about 4 semitones.

Other (unpatched) modules on the same bboard also affect the pitch - just touching one of the FSRs on the Synthwerks FSR4 causes the Hertz pitch to drop a semitone.

Likewise, an MFB Dual LFO next to it causes a ~1/2 semitone fluctuation every cycle.

The Hertz is running off an MFB 500MA power/busboard, along with MFB Seq02, Synthwerks FSR4, MFB Dual LFO & MFB Dual ADSR. I don't have current draw ratings for all modules, but I doubt it's anywhere near 500?

Any ideas most welcome. Is this "normal" behavior? I dig glitchy and all but this is a bit ridiculous..

Sounds like grounding issues or possibly a weak PSU to me.
It is NOT normal behaviour.
It is definitely not normal behaviour.
Cool thanks.

Guess I need to do the ol' process of elimination zombie
dr. jacoby
my wiard oscillator was doing something similar a while back. i swapped out the bus board and everything went back to normal...perhaps that helps?
I should add that I eliminated the problem a while back by taking it off the MFB busboard- as mentioned in another thread seems that puppy cannot handle much draw..
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