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good sounding VCA
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Author good sounding VCA
Last night I was patching up a wonderful bubbling thing with mostly Livewire stuff with some Doepfer EGs & LFO's. I wanted to have more flexibility by using a VCA after the filter but the sound quality dropped along with the volume when I tried.

Who makes a good sounding basic Euro VCA. I don't mind personality or what not but I do kind of think that one should be able to have at least one summed output with actual headroom.

For reference, I do like the quality of Moog & Wiard and when it comes to other instruments I do actually use good microphones, pre's etc. So I like having a hi-fi option.
Not from own experience but the Cwejman VCAs are reportedly very clean.

I've frac-sized MOTM190 VCA which is very clean sounding, too.
I like the doepfer a-132-3 dual linear/exponential vca quite a bit.
Quiet,non-distorting and transparent.
Suburban Bather
Are you using the exponential VCA? If you're using the linear VCA, that could by why you are getting undesirable results.
you didn't tell us what you used, so it's kind of difficult to tell you otherwise...
but kidtesla is right, the 132-3 vca is leaps and bounds above the other doepfer vcas.
I also agree on the A-132-3. If you want the best all round VCA/Filter/Vactrol Gate the Makenoise QMMG is my final VCA for all.
+1 for the Doepfer A-132-3 D VCA and the Cwejman VCA-2P. I use both of them in all my patches.

thumbs up
I was using the A130 Linear.

The Doepfer stuff is fun and I have a bunch. I like the fact that you can get some distortion with it but it wasn't right in this application and it made me think that have an alternative signal path might make sense.
another +1 for the A-132-3. w00t
Suburban Bather
Linear VCA's are more suited for LFO's and audio that has longer attack and release times. If you're doing bubbly sounds, you definitely want to use an exponential VCA.
Another +1 for the A-132-3 got mine last week, very happy.
how does the 132-3 compare to the 132-1? I like the 132-1.
From looking on the Doepfer site the 132-1 is linear and primarily for controlling CV not audio (but it can do so). The 132-3 is for switchable for audio and CV per channel. You also have CV control of the gain. Plus I think the 132-3 is all round better quality component wise, although I'm not 100% on this.

Also I have an A-130 exponential VCA here too, which does noticably distort signals somewhat, i dont notice this at all on the 132-3 .
ah good!
it's on the list.
it would probably be a good idea to look at what opamp chip is in there, yes.
the A-131 can be inproved I'm sure (IME it's a bit anemic)
I also like the sound of the panner/crossfader (A-134-1)
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