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EH HOG problems
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Author EH HOG problems
so ive had this pedal since it was brand new and i love it. recently i noticed that the entire pedal seems to be microphonic. when it is in bypass mode i can tap on the case and it is amplified through the pedal to the amp. my chain only consists of the hog and a line 6 delay since i tore everything off the pedal board to see if it was some weird interaction between pedals or something. when the pedal is engaged the sound is probably 10 times louder. not to mention the expression switch seems to be going out also. so do any of you who own the hog notice this. not to happy about since i paid 500 for it. also has anyone sent repair work to eh recently.
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MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Guitars, Basses, Amps & FX  
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