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doepfer A112, worth it?
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Author doepfer A112, worth it?
Suburban Bather
Ok, I know the Tyme Sefari has way more features. But the TS is out of stock and costs more than twice as much as the Doepfer A112(used).

If the A112 is worth having for $165(shipped) I would consider grabbing a Tyme Sefari when its available for my second Euro cab.

I can't find any demos out there for the A112. Comments, yays, or nays from current or previous owners of the A112? Perhaps even post a demo of the A112.
I have both the A-112 and the Tyme Sefari. Although there are similarities between the two the Tyme Sefari is IMO a more sophisticated product and does many of the things I wished the A-112 could do (ie. voltage control over everything, variable loop points). I also find the A-112 a bit fiddly to use at times

The A-112 is quite good as a one shot sampler and has advantages over the Sefari in this area as it has 2 memory s lots and of course it also has some basic wavetable features (crude compared to something like the Miniwave). Unless you really want these features I'd wait it out and get the Sefari which is fantastic.

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