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Front Panel Express template graphics
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Author Front Panel Express template graphics
I know the answer to this is going to be painfully obvious but I've done a fair amount of searching the forum and elsewhere and am coming up with not much.

Where are you all sourcing the drilling/printing icons for your diy panels? I feel like there must be a zip file out there with a library of common graphics.
What format are you looking for? One good resource is the modularsynthpanels yahoo group - its member only but easy to get access to. It's mostly 5U though, IIRC, but there may be some euro stuff in there.
i'm working mainly in euro, but what i'm looking for isn't necessarily specific...rotary indicators for pots/switches, generic wave shape icons, etc. i know i could source all this stuff but i was hoping someone had a tip for a library of images that i can just upload into FPE.
If I remember I'll attach my template file later - it's got a bunch of stuff that I reuse frequently. Primarily for 5U, but easily resizable for smaller stuff, maybe.
FPE actually has a really awesome knob scale generator plugin they've made available:

It's a little clunky but works great, and once you've gotten a few scales you like, you can just copy and paste them between FPD projects and never have to use the applet again.

Don't know if any of these will be useful but here it is...
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