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Serge Wave Multiplier - Tapping Odd Harmonics
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Author Serge Wave Multiplier - Tapping Odd Harmonics


The middle section of the Serge Wave Multiplier adds odd harmonics to its input signal. Is it possible to tap each harmonic separately, say by adding an output buffer to each stage?

Paul Perry

I don't think it would be as simple as that, but since each stage has a different sum of harmonics, you might be able to get different harmonics extracted by adding and subtracting various amounts of the signal at these points. Certainly worth experimenting with.


I can't find it now, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that somebody experimented with adding outputs for each individual fold stage and did not find the results very interesting.

I'm pretty sure it is not the case that each stage adds an additional harmonic, anyway, as Paul says above.

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