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Volca Sample PCB pictures
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Author Volca Sample PCB pictures


Hi folks. Apologies if these have already been posted.

Seems the larger board on the bottom is the daughterboard, and all of the pots, connectors, power, and LCD are connected to the smaller main board.

Not much room in the case at all -- you'd be pressed to fit even a 3.5mm stereo port.

MIDI OUT is clearly labelled, as well as a few other test points. I didn't detach the main board, so cannot say if there are any further points of interest on the other side of the board.


Full-size version of second picture:


Has anyone DIY'd the Volcano mod? -to-korg-volca-sample/

I'm loathe to pay $48 for $10 worth of parts but I'm not the handiest in the world.


(dupe post delete)


The MIDI out mod is the same for all Volcas: just connect a MIDI socket to the pins marked TX, VD and GND. Solder a resistor (220 Ohm) between the socket pin 5 and TX and a resistor (220 Ohm) between the socket pin 4 and VD. Wire pin 2 of the socket directly to GND. Done.

The Volcano mod makes no sense at all, because you have to solder to the 3 pins on the board anyway. Cost for a MIDI socket and two resistors: < 1.50€$£


can somebody please figure out how to add more memory to it :-) that would be the perfect live loop sampler but 4mb just doesnt cut it.

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