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Learning to Wiggle
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hey flight

Post by Tsarik » Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:28 pm

dude, i fucking love the Quad Plague Bearer Stand Alone Module.

it is sick.. just sick, and turning out to be my Future Retro XS's best friend.

its so badass and i love its form factor so much, i think it would awesome if there were other f(h) stand alone modules. for the price the QPB is proving to be an insane puzzle box that continues to mystify

i guess i'm just cheap. going modular is fairly expensive when you have limited knowledge about almost every thing.... but i would totally be interested in 2 more stand alone f(h) modules that are like the QPB. something like a CV source and mixer module with envelope follower, an env, syncable lfo. the other stand alone module could like a couple SoS and vAMP modules.

just a thought. i'm totally digging the stuff you're doing and dig the philosphy behind it

here is my latest work in progress. the intro noise is pure Quad Plague Bearer and all the percussion is being run through 3 of the filters, need more cables and i'll be using all 4.


for $350 i'm completely blown away. the feel and function are beyond expectations and i'm continually surprised by the unit. thanks man!
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Post by flight » Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:55 pm

Thanks! I'm listening to your track right now and loving the whole thing, damn good work!

Standalone/desktop/portable devices: I concur wholeheartedly. This is actually the direction that I originally intended to go, but standalone devices are more time consuming and costly to build so I shifted to modules to get f(h) up and running. I'll get back to work on them as soon as I have the time and funds. I have quite a few more devices planned and hope to get to them soon.

I broke the rules on starting up a business when I began f(h) - primarily the rule about having operating capital and backup funds - and started doing all this with the last $200 of my final student loan from college, which is why there is so much time between new products being released. Furthermore - aside from the first run of the Sound of Shadows module - I have to build everything completely by hand, which takes almost 90% of my time these days.
<EDIT>(And is why I don't post on Muff's or anywhere else very often any more; I just don't have the time.)</EDIT>

However, thanks to you and everyone else who was willing to take a chance on my gear, we're working on changing all this, and I expect to have much more time for developing new products in the coming year - standalone and modules. Hail to all of you! :hail:

Learning to Wiggle
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Post by Tsarik » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:54 pm

added some microwave xt going through the PB just to pick up a little dirt

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