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Bananalogue LPFA
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Author Bananalogue LPFA
Does anyone have one of these? I just got one, and might be having some issues.

First, how drastic of an effect do the mixer pots have on the sound. Mine are effective for only about 50% of the rotation, then are fairly consistent volume-wise.

Second, how easily is this supposed to self-oscillate? I cannot get mine to. The resonance knob seems to have no effect on the sound, whatsoever.

I had one. Sold it fairly quickly. The mixer pots are simple attenuators, as I recall. Are you sending them a very hot signal? It IS supposed to resonate, though, in fact the best thing about it was its tracking and utility as a clean sine oscillator instead of a filter.

My main complaint about it was that it sounded...well it was sort of....Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Very clean, smooth, precise, what have you, no balls, no interesting character anywhere in the freq sweep, no burble/ripple/snarl.
So it sounds like aside from self-oscillation, what I heard is similar to what you had. Compared to the Polivoks, and even the Blacet Final Filter, it wasn't very exciting.
I compared it with the motm ladder (frac). I liked more the motm because of its woody sound. I expected more from the bananalogue as well.. maybe a special sound... it sounds just very normal.. boring
I've always wondered why 3? module makers went for something inspired by that Arp filter. Maybe the schematics are easy to find? I would have thought the whiteface Odyssey filter would be more sought after and I've heard from someone I respect that the 2500 multimode is superb.
I don't know which parts are actually the most vital to the overall sound, but I'm still in total love with an Odyssey mk2 I had in my home studio for about a month or two. For many types of sounds I preferred the timbre a lot over a Minimoog and my current Euro setup (not that I use it that much for normal bass/lead type patches). It can just be so aggressive and funky without getting out of the hand and it's a really flexible beast for being a little non-modular monosynth...

We even checked that it has the ARP design 24dB/oct filter and not the Moog clone one. Might be that the "magic" is in the overall design, oscs, envelopes, ringmod, cosmic rays or whatever, but I really want to get my hands on one of the VCF clones / derivatives when I have the money (maybe STG one since it's available for Euro)

I should try a whiteface one day if I can find one though, and see if it's even more to my liking or not.
ndkent wrote:
I've always wondered why 3 module makers went for something inspired by that Arp filter.

i can't answer for the others, but i did one because people asked for it. "hey suit can you put the 4072 in a dotcom panel for me?" how can you turn that down, guys!?!?

no one's complained about it to me yet, so i guess people like it. i use it, enjoy it, and have made many recordings with it. therefore i have nothing negative to say about it (if i did, would i even sell it? no.) however, the ARP filters i would have gone for first would have been the 4023 or the one in the 2500.

i find it suited more to bass sounds than other things. it's almost like something that can fill the same role as a 904, but isn't exactly the same. whereas the Mankato .. it just doesn't sound anything like that at all. they've all got their unique character.
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