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what sound card
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Author what sound card
what sound card are people using for windows laptop recording modular?

i was looking at an olympus ld10 to record then copy file to computer
what price point?
Appogee, RME, MOTU with Black Lion Mods.

If you are looking for a portable recorder the Korg 1 bit recorders or pro level Sony recorders are good for sub $1000. Over $1000 there is some very nice stuff used for location audio.

This Olympus thing looks like the Sony recorders. Could not find a price. Olympus is not known for quality AD to my knowledge.

Why would you spend so much money on modular hardware and not record with good converters? Low end converters have dirt cheap opamps. So its like running your entire modular through the cheapest VCA available.

I have wasted my money on cheap converters in the past, then saw the light using IZ, Apogee and Black Lion gear. Black lion stuff is certianly cheaper, but if already don't have stuff to mod Apogee or RME is the way to go.

Just my opinion, please don't set me on fire.
I use the IndigoIO from Echo Audio on my laptop. (24bit 96khz)
I like it a lot. [around US$100]
we could recommend a gazillion units, so yes:

features needed`?
Form factor? Please.

RME. solid drivers. low latency. clear sound. not too expensive when bought secondhand. if the laptop has some digital i/o (SPDIF), you might be able to use an ADI-2.

it's nice to use some recorded audio in your song, or maybe fire some samples at the modular, right? I don't know if the outputs are DC blocked, if not, you might use it for control signals (seen a post about a guy with a MOTU doing this somewhere)

the Olympus looks nice, been thinking about an mr-1000 (when I grow up LOL)
would not consider it being a soundcard.
echo audiofire 12, same converters as the apogee duet but you get 12 of them instead of 2 for only a little bit more cash!
they may be the same converter chip, but the analogue stage makes a huge difference in the quality of the conversion.

If you can afford it ross, RME are awesome. there's too many people running tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear through cheap behringer mixers and shitty soundcards.

echo make good products at reasonable prices. steer clear of lexicon and focusrite interfaces, heard way to many problems with drivers and stability.
Don't limit your search (or just simply make a purchase) based upon brand names.

Decide what features you require (as per everyone's suggestions above: form-factor etc.) and then try out some units yourself.

There are very few manufacturers of converters these days, so yes; a lot comes down to the overall design and the analog stages are quite important. Clocking/Jitter being another one.
i have a motu ultralight
love it
I just need stereo in really to record the modular//I have a Firepod in the studio but find myself more and more on the dining room floor with the Buchla and so far the Dell input is mono only.. I do have a Digigram VX card somewhere in the house..I best look.

so really just stereo in and USB
sounds like you need a location recorder more than a soundcard.
timmah wrote:
sounds like you need a location recorder more than a soundcard.

yeah i agree, have a look at the Zoom H2 its got stereo line input plus if you connect it to your computer you can use it as a stereo audio interface, then if you ever want to do surround location recordings you can use its 4 mics! you can ind em on e(vil)bay for about $250AUD
then I second or third the zoom H2. it's great.
thats what I was thinking...although reading this s/

and here

it reads the Olympus LSD err LS10 is better sounding
i'll direct you to this thread order=asc&start=0

I was gonna get a olympus but the bass roll-off is an issue.

im going for a marantz PMD 620 instead.
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