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A-199 Spring Reverb
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Author A-199 Spring Reverb

I'm looking at getting the A-199, for thos of you with the doepfer suitcase and A-199, can the reverb tank physically fit in a A-100 suitcase? or should it be mounted outside the case anyway in case of psu interferance?
it will fit inside the case. Some modules are too deep to be placed in front of it though. The Doepfer frequency shifter is one that comes to mind. Most modules will fit in front just fine.

Some people like to buy a bigger, better tank for it though and have it outside the case or in their rack. Eventually I will do this, but it is kind of nice to have it all inside the case.
Cool, thanks for the info.
I have my tank mounted inside, opposite from and as far away from the power supply as possible. I got to play with it for the first time yesterday... lots of fun. Capable of doing some nifty feedback patches too I discovered, if your into that.
If you mount inside the suitcase, place the tank as far away from the power supply as possible. This will help to avoid unwanted noise. I placed my tank on the top half of the left side of the case. If you do not already have them, you might want to get some rubber bushings so as to isolate the tank from the case (which vibrates from the power supply, sound systems and etc...).

My tank is housing in an external box. I like to have it there because i can knock on it if i want to which gives very nice sounds hihi
Soy Sos
I ended up trading mine, but I used to mount it in the upper left corner as others have mentioned. What I also did was wrap it in fiberglass insulation with a piece of cardboard to keep from damping the springs. Then I taped that up and wire tied it to the inside through the holes in the top. This helped with vibrations when taking it out live. Probably overkill but it worked.
I have a pair in one 6U rack. The tanks and cables are very sensitive. I found that the AFG or Model 15 could not live in the same rack as the reverbs. Meanwhile, VCO-6 and A-111's were fine.
Might wait until I upgrade my case to a monster then, as I'm quickly outgrowing the 2 doepfer suitcases.

Will be selling those 2 soon.
I keep my A-199s in a Doepfer "beauty box" with the tanks sitting out next to 'em - wish I had a wooden box (like Scaff's) to house them in.

I replaced the reverb tanks with the Accutronics long-delay versions since they sound better, to me at least. It seems like I picked up a little more noise when they were installed in a G6 rack rather than being away from the bulk of the synth gear, but they sound good either way.

Picture is a Doepfer beauty box + A-182 multiple + 2x A-199 spring reverbs, with the 17" tanks to the right.

A Dingleberry Monstrosity
fit it outside some how so you can whack it, pluck it... do whatever with it.
This thread has my solution. Even get the model # of the best replacement tank: be39ddb7cc1f3d94d6d10
I was just looking at that thread earlier in the day as it happens. I saw mention of the Neural Agonizer, is there any eurorack version of that kit ?
siegfried Kuhn
I have my tank outside the case. To reduce noiseyou should remove the cheap chinch cable and swap it for a higher quality one. Andreas from Schneiders told me doepfer uses really bad cables and a better one would reduce the noise.
OT: I got my third spring reverb today. I just picked up an old AKG BX-20E in beautiful optical condition SlayerBadger! This thing has the best reverb i ever had!!!
I've still not decided on what to get very frustrating

Although I did pick up a Boss DD-20 giga delay today. 26 sec delay and has reverse playback with tap tempo from what I understand Mr. Green

OT: I got my third spring reverb today. I just picked up an old AKG BX-20E in beautiful optical condition. This thing has the best reverb i ever had!!!

The BX-20's are incredible. I'm enormously jealous! I've used one a few times on a few projects, but never found one for a good enough price to buy. I'm currently on the lookout for an Orban spring, they're capable of being really brittle and bright. I've been using my A-199 with a larger Belton tray (ripped out of an old guitar amp) with my RS110 to try to simulate the sound, but nothing beats the original. I'm hoping the accutronics tray I'm waiting on will help.
I've been enjoying my A-199 for the last week or so. No major complaints about the spring tank. It is definitely picking up noise from my AFG though.

I am curious how anyone else uses this thing other than just in/out reverb effects. I am sure the ext. feedback input can be interesting to experiment with some how... just not sure how.

Also I wish the feedback could be cv controlled for some modulated feedback... is there any way to accomplish a psuedo-version of this? Would love to do some evolving feedback patches without having to physically tweak the feedback knob. eek!
use a vca in the feedback path and you are able to control it!
Spring reverb feedback is Amazing!!! So raw & organic - for even better results; just add air! love

VCA (or 2) is a must I gotta say, control with lfo or slow looping EG & tune the rate.
I'm curious about how everyone has attached their tanks - has anyone used the sticky pads on the Belkin tank, or have most people drilled their cases to attach it? I'm leaning towards drilling, but I'm a little nervous about putting holes in my lovely suitcase!

I have a large accutronics tank that I trimmed to fit in the bottom of the case with velcro, but I've decided that will be a studio tank, and I'm going to use the baby Belkin for live for its easy feedback and instant madness.
I have a large Accutronics tank along with the original tank both sitting on top of a Doepfer A-100G6 enclosure. My modular is permanently rackmounted in my studio, so traveling with the reverb isn't a concern.

I also recently acquired an interesting 19" rackmounted spring reverb which my work was throwing out. I can't remember the make and model offhand, but it includes a three band EQ, which makes for some interesting tonal shaping. I'll try to remember to post a follow up about this one later.
how much better is the accutronics tank? there's always noise in my A-199, and i was wondering if it's the tank or something else.
It's a matter of taste of course. However, once s.o. was picking up a module I sold in person and demoed him the Accutronics tank. He straight ordered one for his A199.

In direct comparisson I'd say the Accutronics tank sounds more like the "real thing" (i.e. classical spring reverb sound) while the original tank is more like a "wave shaper" which fattens the sound which can be very good.

I never noticed any noise. The A199 is known for it's humming if it's too close to the PSU.
For a little while, I had a blank panel with switching jacks, so I could change from the mini tank attached to the inside of my suitcase, or an external tank by patching into the switching jacks. This was cool because I could smack around the external tank for the kick-the-amp sound.

Oooh, that just gave me an idea. Maybe a little hammer and solenoid upgrade to the 199, so you could trigger the tank sound like on the Vermona retroverb...
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