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cable clutter problem solved.
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Author cable clutter problem solved.

I found ^this. you can get it here.

I was shopping for solder and alligator clips when I saw this and the banana jacks. thought it might be useful to a fellow muff. bugbrand has one he uses to hang cables when not in use. the other way is to put it at the top of the modular and run your cables up and down to get them out of your way.
Those are great, I still need to fix mine to the wall though, at the moment it is wedged under a rack.

Rapid in the UK do them, HERE
two of these back to back on a mic stand works great too.
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
wrapping them around my cats tail works just fine for me thanks.
You can also bundle them into a Mouser order in three different sizes/colors. Analogue Haven used to sell them here, but I'm not sure if they still carry them or not.

Scott at Tellun made a fancy cable tree using these, a mic stand, and some chunks of wood. Here's a link.
I use to make them for Synthwood.

For those who wish something a little more upscale.

I still have some "combs" and assorted exotic wood kicking around if anybody is interested.

PM me.
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