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Kinky bass sound
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Author Kinky bass sound
I just accidentally learned that you can create cool bass sounds this way:

1. Take two pulse oscillators; one pitched 2 octaves above the other.
2. Use vibrato on the LOWER oscillator.
3. Use slew limiting / glide on the HIGHER oscillator.
4. Add a little bit of low pass filter to taste (even with saturation if you wish).

Here's the result:
weird bass test

Whenever I used glide and/or vibrato on my sounds, they were always used on all oscillators. Actually I almost never used vibrato on bass sounds. This is one of the very first times and now it's (against my intuition and knowledge of "how to make a good bass sound") used on the LOWER oscillator. Blasphemy! MY ASS IS BLEEDING

But it sounds good to my ears nanners Rockin' Banana!
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