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yamaha dx7 keyboard velocity.
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Author yamaha dx7 keyboard velocity.
mr big
i found a dx7 in the trash today and am trying to use it as a midi keyboard with kontakt. but the velocity is very low.

does anyone know if you can adjust the keyboard sensitivity on the dx7. how?

for that matter i'm trying to get there by adjusting kontakt, through the scripting menu. is that the right way to do it? it doesn't seem to help. i think it's just cutting the upper region of the mapping off.
Christopher Winkels
If memory serves the DX-7 had a MIDI velocity that topped out low - I think 100 was the maximum value.

Years ago there was an aftermarket dongle by someone that could be inserted between the DX and another synth that scaled this up so that a DX output of 100 would become 127, 95 would be 120, and so on. The could all be done in software now, but who offers it I couldn't say. seriously, i just don't get it
yep, i remember 100 as being the upper limit. that and middle C was an octave different than other midi gear IIRC.
this is a current hardware solution
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