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Happy new year to everyone! Thanks for being part of this place, every year you all get cooler and cooler. Apologies to everyone waiting on me for PMs, emails, subforum creation, etc. The holidays have been super busy! I'll be catching up over the next week, please hit me up again at that point if I haven't gotten back to you yet. Sorry for the delay. Thanks! <3

Sequencing without a sequencer
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Author Sequencing without a sequencer
2 clock dividers and a mixer to make a ghetto stylee sequence, just an experiment but good fun, 16 modules used, nothing else. Gonzo!

ELECTROnIQUE - damn damn damn sounds good - applause applause

Really gels when the hats are brought in.

Much fun!
Very groovy man. w00t
Thanks, only had 20 minutes to get something done so it was very much a set-up and roll the camera job (hence gonzo) But I think I will experiment in this direction a bit more in the future as it was quite enjoyable, both in terms of the time limit and using things in a different way to my existing habits. thumbs up
That was quite the lovely tune!
Thats ace mate!! Guinness ftw!

you see the "pointy finger of tweak" come into shot and you know something gonna happen.....

You always seem to manage to get the right knob at the right time and get the changes and transitions spot on.
thumbs up

I've been having some fun doing some of this kind of sequencing with the mixer, the stepped out is quite good fun to mix in as well.
Cheers Dan, yeah I was using the 16 stair out and a few of the clock outs, into the dual DC mixer with some set as + and some as - and the mixer linked where I took the output, it is also fun to go into the crusher in S/H mode and then clock that at a different rate again, with a bit of glide and the wet/dry at various settings.

Hehe, yeah the "pointy finger of tweak" was eager to get back to something fun after the festive period, where it spent most of the holiday being thrust into various bowls of nibbles lol
This is great!! SlayerBadger!
Thanks Guinness ftw!
thumbs up
Thread necro just to say how awesome this is.
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