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donaldcrunk's modular exploratorium
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Author donaldcrunk's modular exploratorium
lots of new modular synth jamz!

i'm editing to keep all my track updates here at the top, so they can be easily viewed without scrolling about the thread.


-added 6/5/11

patch snippets:



the above are just one to two hour patch sessions that i recorded and edited down into 5 minutes of 10 sec snippets. lots of sounds.

more traditionally structured sounds:




[s][/s] - added 1/15/11

[s][/s] - added 1/16/11

[s][/s] - added 1/16/11

[s][/s] - added 2/19/11

[s][/s] - added 3/22/11

[s][/s] - added 5/9/11

Cool bleeps and bloops.


im sure i'll make some more focused sounds and actual songs and what not with it later, but right now i'm having too much fun just patching and getting to know the modules.

this is all very exciting
I have a bad history with radioshack 1/8 cables. Interesting sounds.
second patch session !

cables still arent here :(
i'm just going to start posting my tracks that i'm making with this fun thing in this thread. i hope they don't get too lost!

4-module jam -

EDIT: and some more snippets of patches, too :

i like sitting down for a while, hitting record and patching - and then taking what i learned from that patch session and incorporating that knowledge into a track. great fun!
ammo case of rainbow spaghetti = awesome

there's some cool sounds in more-cables that sound like a bagpipe or some kind of middle eastern instrument SlayerBadger!
indeed the ammo box was a chrimbus gift this year, i quite enjoy it

here is another track!

it is all tuned by hand, six passes, same modules as above. mainly drones, very simple patches, but i like how its dynamic.

it's a work night!
mome rath
i rather like SPACE KREMLIN
blastin off some more sounds on this glorious saturday!

a pair of noisy patch experiments -

a pleasant musical sound -

being able to tune reliably only a half step is a big roadblock right now for music making with this device. but i will manage.
te exploratooium is open again and i am drunk

nu soundz

tonight's sound brought to you by the grand piano that came with the ladyfriend's new apartment and some numbers stations.

pretty kinda
yay for numbers stations!
i have lots n lots on the launchpad for the april 1st party. we'll find out if any of the wigglers are in sleeper cells...
These are really great!
thank you sir! i admit to visiting your website many a time as well. are you still moving to chicago? i'm 3 hours south, but i'd love to get together and jam when/if you get settled in. it would be crazy.
I would definitely be down for that, and am definitely moving. Near the end of July. Thanks for visiting. I'm hoping to continue the operation in Chicago and hopefully expand it.
a reminder to chicago/area wigglers that donaldcrunk will be putting live noises in your face tomorrow night at this location:

300 W Adams Chicago, IL

all wigglers are more than welcome. there will be a keg and other awesome modular music!
new track added today, this one is created with the casio RX-1 and korg monotron. used a lot of found sounds for this as well, and did some vocals (if you could call them that).

i've been slacking on releasing to my soundcloud lately, i'm in the midst of like 3 other musical projects at the moment that are all going to be released in their entirety. too much musics

here she is, play her loud!

this is new. hey, look at that!

there will be a lot of new releases from myself and pals soon, i'm excited to share them with everyone. trying the DIY label thing out..
quite beeiffuutitful. are you recording to tape? there is an organic quality that really makes its balls bigger.
oh thank you! that is high praise indeed. i am in fact not recording to tape, but i do spend a great deal of time trying to make it sound like i do!

i think it's a combination of the shortwave-radio noise + acoustic instruments + compressors that make it sound that way maybe. who knows. thanks for the listen!
Bronto Scorpio
Just listened to some of the tracks on the first page. Some really nice tracks smile

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