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How did kraftwerk make those robot voices
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Author How did kraftwerk make those robot voices
So I got a monomachine and Im playing around with the robot voice making thingy and its kinda crazy...R2D2

I assumed they had a computer with some kind of program like the old appletalk where you just type out the words and it says them, but this is totally different with actually shaping the individual parts of the word with the knobs....

did kraftwerk have a program like appletalk or did they use a synth similar in fashion to the synth on the monomachine? Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat.
I think it depends when you are talking about. They had/have a bunch of vocoders, some of which are unique, the Robovox, and Texas Instruments stuff.
I guess I was particularly interested in the ones made on the NED Synclavier (electric cafe)....which is crazy cuz I just read it was made about 10 minutes from where I live. weird.
I think they are supposed to be resynthesised voices using the Synclavier l
prscrptn l.html
Yeah, they used a number of things as already mentioned, you can get close to some of them with the monomachine - or if you are childish like me, just make it swear lol

Ask Daniel Miller... He won that auction...
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